Dynamic Tonality releases Transformer

Transformer 1.0 is a new tool for xenharmonic experrymentation, developed by Dynamic Tonality. Explore tuning~timbre relations using powerful new tricks, based on Bill Sethares' theories. Features like morphing between tunings are not very mainstream, but the live input can retune an incoming signal to any tuning. A great new toy! 


Cats on Synths in Space!

is a powerful blend of techno-shamanic folklore and ancient morphic resonances of the feline kind. Idiosyncratic, non-linear visual assemblages for the masses.


Peter Blasser on JI, integers and saving energy

Here's an entertaining video featuring Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde and some of his electronic instruments.The Justints software (with the 8-bit style visuals) has some just intonation-properties.


Dutch Modular Design ~ Falafular

This is the 3rd time we investigate new eurorack modules developed by Dutch designers. Previously we checked out Das Ding's Baby 8 and we had a quick look at Jan Willem's Ginko Synthese (an in-depth review of his Sampleslicer coming soon on Dubbhism). But right now we have Falafular on the brain. And yes, there's a falafel-connection.



Belphegor a.k.a. the 'Lord of the Opening' is one of the seven princes of Hell. Just like the original 'Beast' this demonic creature has it's own number, and we don't mean a phone number... Take a look, but don't stare! Belphegor's Prime is a fascinating palindromic prime number, with 666 hiding between 13 zeros on each side.



Return of the Modular Monsters

Oh no.. it's The Return of the Modular Monsters. On december 13th you can visit the Ginko Synthese modular workshop, eat ital food, hear live modular music and dance the night away at  Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden.


Dubb Cloud: Das Ding ~ OSC1899 ~ RoBBeR ~ Colloid ~ Trap&Zoid ~ Das Geheim ~ Falafel Biels

Das Ding ~ OSC1899 ~ RoBBeR ~ Colloid ~ Trap&Zoid ~ Das Geheim ~ Zenn ~ Falafel Biels


OR Combiner at the Night of the Modular Monsters

OR Combiner = Lama Waaien (Lamaha Metasynth & FX) + Tony Dubshot (Modular & FX). The Night of the Modular Monsters is a somewhat regular 'electronica event' at Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden. Next edition will be on December 13th, more info soon come.


How to make microtonal chiptune music

The subtle art of chiptune production is all about creating special effects in the mids. That's why real 8-bit music sounds best when you hear it on a noisy old laptop or something. Also, 8-bit music is best served pure. Having said that, you should really try out this handy how-to by Sevish: "Microtonal chiptune music with One-SF2 VST".


Your thoughts are made of sound

According to traditional nerve-theory, two nerve impulses sent from opposite ends of a nerve annihilate when they collide. New research from the Niels Bohr Institute now shows that two colliding nerve impulses simply pass through each other, just like sound pulses.


Out now: Various Artists ~ High (Dubbhism Deluxe)

High (Dubbhism Deluxe) is the vocals-and-dubs counterpart of the instrumental album titled Deep (Dubbhism netlabel) which was released a week ago. For High we invited Dubbhism family only: Sarah Winton, MK-Ultra and I-Lodica. It's all about soul power with a deep medi vibe. Available in all digital stores from September 8th.

Dubb Cloud: Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Das Ding ~ Legowelt

Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~  South Rakkas Crew ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Egoless ~ Barbes D ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Das Ding ~ Orgue Electronique ~ Legowelt


Tuning theory tutorial by John Moriarity

John Moriarity is working on a series of entry-level video tutorials about tunings and xenharmonics. His style is relaxed and he knows how to explain difficult concepts. So if you're new to xenharmonics, and want to know more about the basics ~ without getting lost in mathematical bla bla and weird concepts ~ why not give these a try.


Dutch modular design ~ Das Ding's Baby 8

Dutch electro legend Das Ding aka Danny Bosten has recently begun to build his own Eurorack-compatible mini-sequencer. It's called the Baby 8 and if you're interested you can buy a hand built version (stand-alone or rack) directly from Danny. Just contact him via Facebook. Also, check out this Juno Plus interview about the Baby 8.


Night of the Modular Monsters

On September 19th you can catch a few seasoned modular synth-based acts in The Generator at Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden (NL). Check out the event on Facebook. Show starts at 20:30.

Bashment FM visit

Last week Ringo Ringvee of Bashment FM invited Tony Dubshot to the Raadio 2 studio in Tallinn for a chat and a bit of Dubbhism promotion. Strictly good vibes... Bigup all Estonian dancehall reggae lovers.

Out now: Tony Dubshot ~ Deep

Download: dubbhism320-020-tony-dubshot-deep.rar


Club-Res interview & 3-hour monster jam

Last week the responsiple people of Radio Tonka's Club-Res invited Tony Dubshot for an interview about Dubbhism, xenharmonics, conspiracy theories etc. Kassen Oud and Rob Bothof (pic) host the show together, and they are famous for their extended live sets on air. So after an hour of talk and Dubbhism tracks, we ended up doing a massive 3-hour live set with special guest Lama Waaien.


Satellite Network live: OR Combiner ~ Rotterdam Free Jazz Ensemble ~ Outskirts ~ Wigwam

If you're in the Greater Leiden Area, you can catch Lama Waaien and Tony Dubshot (OR Combiner) playing live on August 29th. Satellite Network presents an evening of loud avant garde music ~ jazzed up by visual artist Kleine Hex ~ at Galerie Openmakers, Aalmarkt 15B. With Rotterdam Free Jazz Ensemble, The Outskirts and Wigwam.  


SoundBytes Magazine's FMTS 2 review

The Xen FMTS 2 is a free VSTi synth by Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts). It opens the way to wild explorations of tunings and timbres. It was used extensively on the latest Dubbhism Deluxe release, an album by Jacky Ligon, Sevish and Dubshot titled '23'. Check out this well written FMTS 2 review by Warren Burt for SoundBytes Magazine.


The Wilfred Limonious Archive

The cover art of Wilfred Limonious takes you right back to the Jamaican eighties and early nineties. Check out The Wilfred Limonious Archive by Interruptor for more Limonious artwork.


Mysteries of Dubb ~ Ancient Acoustics

Man has worshipped the Gods of Bass ever since the beginning of time. In the days before the pyramides, when there were no cities and no agriculture, the best places for bass worship were caves. Because caves are the ready-made dub studios of mother nature.


Dubb Cloud: Egoless ~ Junior SP & FLeCK ~ Speakah Productions ~ Clinton Sly ~ Stereotyp

Egoless ~ Junior SP & Fleck ~ Speakah Productions ~ MANJA ~ Clinton Sly ~ Radikal Guru & Brother Culture ~ Stereotyp ft. Ragga Twins ~ Psychotic Nasty ~ Barbes D ~ Bleepolar ~ Pablo Pachacutik

The Love Freaks ~ The Wire

The Love Freaks from The Hague are working on a big new album. In the meantime, check out their dubby sounds on Soundcloud.


Egoless ~ Selected Works '12 - '14

This is the second part of Egoless' Selected Works, containing some unreleased tunes, a few remixes with versions and two tunes from his new project Afro Dub System. Free download via Mediafire.


FRAKnoise the nymphslayer @ Noodlebar

On May 15th FRAKnoise, the self-confessed nymphslayer from Eindhoven (NL), did a Noodlebar set at Roodkapje. A tasty mix of synth drones, bleeps and a funky Fender Rhodes, but the theremin melodies really made the audience drool. Photo's by Hilde Speet.

DIY corner ~ spirit voices & spooky drones

Simple circuits can produce amazing results. The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is simpler than a theremin and it can sound a lot spookier. It's perfect for crazy drones. Check out the 'Disembodied Spirit Voices' @ 1:15 in the video. Want to roll your own? Go here for instructions.  


Naturegraffix ~ international eco idealism

Naturegraffix is a journal filled with comics, graphic novels and interviews. Three volumes are already available in print and online, providing art, provocative eco-idealism, and handy guidelines for 21st century cultural misfits. The official big theme is "How we influence our environment, and how the environment influences us" and the perspective is a fairly pessimistic one to be honest.


Maestro Echoplex EP-4 vs Roland RE-301

Two classic analog tape delays, the Maestro Echoplex Ep-4 and the Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo are compared using a Moog synth.


Scale add-on packs for Xen-Arts VSTi by Sevish

Our good friend and musical co-conspirator Sevish has started producing a collection of MTS microtuning add-on packs which are compatible with the Xen-Arts VSTi line produced by Jacky Ligon. If you're new to the world of xenharmonic scales, this might be just what you need to get you started. Especially if you're a pragmatic musician looking for shortcuts, trying to avoid the abstract and highly theoretical talk that's going on in some xenharmonic circles.

Chap dem Chaplin ~ Another scorcher from Manu Genius' Dubshelter

Ricky Chaplin "Chap Dem Chaplin" (Uniteam Music). Official Promomix by DJ L.Slinga. Album mixed and mastered by Manu Genius at Dubshelter Recordings. Featuring Vernon Maytone, Big Youth, Patrick Andy, Prince Alla, Kiddus I, Echo Minott. With Carlton Santa Davis, George Fully Fullwood, Tony Chin and Dean Fraser.

Inky Jack ~ Freedom

Kwame and Dipesh are back. Stadium size. The track is doing well, getting good reviews all over the place. Remember the thing we did two years ago with Inky Jack?

How to mix bass like a pro

Uberdude Dave Pensado has a crucial YouTube channel. Pure science.

Scientist remixes Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Big sound... pure dub. Check it on the Scientist's website.  


Dubb Cloud: Kalbata ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Wreck Room Productions ~ Fleck ~ Nate Wize

Kalbata ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Wreck Room Productions ~ Well Well Sound ~ Fleck ~ Nate Wize ~ Conroy Smith ~ The Elgins


Fleck Athens on Red Light Radio

Fleck Athens (left) is simply one of our all time favorite dub DJ's. Solid selection and big party vibes. General Tahdeo Sparks is the strategic genius behind True Soldiers Productions, ranking member of the Hangover Crew and original Prophet of the Clear & Heavy Boom.


Soundcloud Badman ~ Artillery/Love

David Joseph a.k.a. Artillery/Love is the original rudeboy with the sensual touch. Big sounds from the cloud.

Dubb Cloud: Skarob & Subatomic Sound ~ Neneh Cherry & Stereotyp ~ Suns of Dub ~ Chronixx

Skarob & Subatomic Sound ~ Neneh Cherry & Stereotyp ~ Gappy Ranks & Suns of Dub ~ Addis Pablo ~ Chronixx ~ JaNoZ (Speakah Productions) ~ Dubateers ~ Alpha Steppa

Graffiti Hall of Shame

Fakebook is mainly a nuisance but sometimes it's funny. Check out the MOPA (Museum of Poor Art) and the even funnier Graffiti Hall of Shame for some of the worst art available on the planet.


Dutch modular design ~ Ginko Synthese

Last week's edition of the Noodlebar was a classic. Sierra Romeo (a.k.a. Terrace) did a stunning set, and he was closely followed by Gein, Falafel Biels and Colloid a.k.a. Jan Willem (photo), who is also the man behind eurorack modular start-up Ginko Synthese.

The Art of Deception ~ online subversion tactics

Edward Snowden opened our eyes, but what are we really seeing? The NSA thought police are infiltrating the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations with their 'cyber offensive'. Little has changed since the paranoid days of J. Edgar Hoover. The technology may be different, but it's still the same game: subversion.


Soundcloud Badman ~ RASELAH

Kadian Curtis a.k.a. RASELAH is a ruff diamond. Badman lyrics..

Dubb Cloud: New Sound Records ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Anancy Sound ~ Black Star Line

New Sound Records ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Anancy Sound / Leah Rosier ~ Black Star Line ~ PremEye ~  Jah Billah ~ Duke Production ~  Sweelk MC ~ Kush Arora & MC Zulu

Collieman recording at the Dubshelter

Stefaan Colman a.k.a. Collieman is recording a new album at the Dubshelter Recordings studio. The roots singer from Gent (BE) is a perfect match for the sound of Manu Genius, the seasoned roots-reggae producer from Amsterdam. This one will be Xtra large!


Out now: Ligon / Sevish / Dubshot ~ 23 (Dubbhism Deluxe)

After the Subversio album, this is the second release on Dubbhism Deluxe bringing together the sounds of Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts), Sevish (Split-notes) and Tony Dubshot (Dubbhism). This EP is about a tuning, known as 23 EDO. We call this style Xenharmonic Bass Music.


Modular showdown at the Noodlebar

In recent years, modular synths have become quite popular. If you want to meet the musicians, the gearsluts and the diy-synth builders who laid the foundation for this revival, check out the Noodlebar: a monthly electronic music event hosted by Roodkapje in Rotterdam.


Brother Culture, Subatomic Sound, Process Rebel and Twilight Circus on Red Light Radio

Warm up session for the Dub Champions Festival in Amsterdam. And check out "The Secret Files" album by Brother Culture and Joe Ariwa.


Dubb Cloud: Liondub ~ Adrian Sherwood ~ Addis Pablo ~ Art-X (ODG) ~ Dubateers ~ Dubmatix

Liondub ~ Adrian Sherwood ~ Addis Pablo ~ Art-X (ODG) ~ Dubateers ~ Lutan Fyah ~ Feadz & Big Dope P ~ Dubmatix ~ Howie Lee

Interplanetary soundbwoys are full of big chat

This is the subwoofer of ESA’s Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF), a test facility which subjects satellites to the same noise a launcher produces as it takes off. The ESA soundbwoys claim to have the most powerful sound system in Europe, they also claim their system can kill people at maximum output. Full of big chat we say..


Mysteries of Dubb ~ How low can you go?

Back in the 80's most people didn't really understand the power of the 808 bass drum. Then Chuck D of Public Enemy came along. Being a philosophical kind of person, he posed what is perhaps the most fundamental question in modern music: Bass! How low can you go?

Man a real badman

Toronto's mayor Rob Ford confused the mainstream Canadian media with this patois style rant against his own police department. The Jamaica Gleaner helps out with a transcription: "They chase me around for five months, mon, (expletive). Leave me alone, mon. They got me five months, mon. They're trying to tell me we're counter-surveying you. He's here and I'm here … cho (expletives)!"

Livid DS1 ~ a USB MIDI controller that looks like a mixer

This week Dubspot announced a remarkable hardware collab: "We could never find a single complementary controller on the market to meet our functionality and durability needs, so we decided to simply build one ourselves, with Livid Instruments as the perfect partner." 


The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War

This is a tale about a cold hearted ex-KGB agent with a spider fetish. Schizophrenic killer robots are wiping out the last pockets of resistance in the so-called free world. Who can stop them?

Download: The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War


Dubb Cloud: Radikal Guru ~ Speakah ~ Sista Bethsabée ~ Ital Tek ~ Noïthingness ~ Caballo

Radikal Guru ~ Speakah ~ Sista Bethsabée ~ Ital Tek ~ FaltyDL ~ Noïthingness ~ W I L D L I F E ~ Karetus ft. Clinton Sly ~ Caballo ~ Alive ~ Egoless ~ Untold ~  Frikstailers

Lazer vs. Mungo's Hifi