I-lodica ~ Judge gets the judgement

It's the Bigger Judgement! I-lodica & Makating with The Disciples, Dougie Conscious, Bush Chemists. Big tunes, fat analog dub mixes. Buy this release on Bandcamp. Then go visit the Sistine Chapel.


Preview ~ Windseeds in Dub

This is a little preview of the album 'Windseeds in Dub' forthcoming on Dubbhism Netlabel early 2013. Check out the original Windseeds album below or visit the official Bandcamp and Facebook pages.


Doom dub in fine style: D.E.A.D. ~ S.T.I.L.L. D.E.A.D.

"Like Tron on bath salts... unnerving but strangely satisfying (7/10)" Mixmag
"Haven’t heard an album as original as this for ages." Louder Than War
"Never heard anything quite like it. (4/5)" Norman Records
"Runs a neat line in pitch black electronic dub." The Quietus

Out now: Volfoniq Revisited

Surya Exp Duo ~ Trigunam

Analog time, hippie alert, synths and drones, tablas and sitars, tune in, drop down, fly high, and finally meet Shiva in person!! Trigunam is the project of Tiago Jónatas, core member of The Lisbon Dub Collective: the guys responsible for the massive opening track of the 'Strictly analog dub' compilation on the [dubbhism netlabel].

Bob Art


Canticle of the Sun

The Canticle of the Sun is a song composed by Saint Francis of Assisi in late 1224 while recovering from an illness in a small cottage at San Damiano in Italy. Think of Saint Francis as a kind of medieval rasta.


Inky Jack - Red for Days

Watch the Inky Jack masterplan unfold. This one out on Famous Records. Very red.

3zee1 & Jay RootZ dub session

Here's the excellent session 3zee1 and Jay RootZ did on Red Light Radio last week. Pure deep dubs and rootical vibes.


Out now: Marlon Asher feat. Stef Kalloo ~ Beautiful Day Remixes

buy at amazon ~ juno ~ boomkat ~ beatport ~ red eye records

The Art of Alchemy

Illustrations from Splendor Solis ~ an alchemical manuscript written in Germany around 1530 by Salomon Trismosin, teacher of Paracelsus. 


Dub equipment and dub philosophy pt. 3

Our thoughts are usually made of images and/or words. Wordy thoughts are abstract and linear, because compared to reality, words are simple abstractions. As a species, humans use abstract thought for their fundamental survival strategy: design. Unlike animals, we think about the design of weapons, shelter, clothes, food etc. And when there's time left, we design musical instruments and music.


Discovery of the HIGGS FIELD: implications for BASS music?

The discovery of the HIGGS BOSON is great news for DUB scientists. It's a big thing, like the discoveries made by Einstein about 100 years ago. But having said that, DUB scientists are not really surprised by the news of the so-called GOD PARTICLE. It's just a confirmation of DUB theory, which is always a bit ahead of ACADEMIC theory.


Spring reverb & tape echo for techno dubbers

Cooking with Terrace: techno chef reveals it all! Secret dub recepies and vintage keyboards. For more analog synth fetishism check interviews with Legowelt, Rude 66, Kraak & Smaak and Duplex.


Jacky Ligon ~ Other Time (2011 | reloaded)

Jacky Ligon is a real dub scientist. Not only does he program his own instruments, he also experryments with time, space and cosmic harmonies, and the sound is dominated by bass and drums.


Dub Techniques ~ fat analog dubs from Greece

Check out Zaq Wilson from Salonik (Greece) on Soundcloud: nothing but fat 100% analog dubs. And for tech-dubheads there's even more to enjoy: excellent techno-dubs by Zaq over here.


Audio Active ~ Classic Cuts

Here's a collection of 5 Audio Active tunes as found on YouTube.


Xen-Arts releases IVOR ~ must have vst synth

IVOR is the 2nd free VST synth designed by Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts). The first one, known as the FMTS, was reviewed here on Dubbhism some time ago, and we even released a nine track xenharmonic album based on the sounds of the FMTS.


Dubstep Massive sample pack by Soroka out now

Soroka recently dropped his Under the Ground remix for Inky Jack over here on Dubbhism. Right now it's time for the soundman from Brooklyn to get dark and dirty with a hot source of fresh loops and patches for Dubstep producers, courtesy of Industrial Strength.


Out now: Inky Jack ~ Under the Ground (Dubbhism Deluxe)

"Inky Jack's Under the Ground is a classic NYC multiple-personality underground tune, building on the strains of bands and artists rooted here: Bad Brains, Urban Blight, Mad Lion, the Ruff Entry crew ~ 311 wishes they could put together dancehall, electronics, hooks and riffs as well as this..."
Dave Sharma (Sub Swara/Escort/Falu...)


Larme de Sang EP out now on Macignus Records

Out now on Beatport the Larme de Sang EP featuring Monolow, MK-Ultra, Tony Dubshot & Futur Arles.


iPad user friendly? U gotta be joking...

Apple is supposed to be the firm that makes computers user friendly. But if you really believe that crap you're probably inside the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. iPads are anything but user friendly.



Pure awesomeness... MK-Ultra teaming up with Monolow. Fat MK-Ultra remix coming soon!