Scale add-on packs for Xen-Arts VSTi by Sevish

Our good friend and musical co-conspirator Sevish has started producing a collection of MTS microtuning add-on packs which are compatible with the Xen-Arts VSTi line produced by Jacky Ligon. If you're new to the world of xenharmonic scales, this might be just what you need to get you started. Especially if you're a pragmatic musician looking for shortcuts, trying to avoid the abstract and highly theoretical talk that's going on in some xenharmonic circles.

The No Octaves, Eikosany and Regular Temperaments Packs are available already. In the works are a World Scales Pack and a few more 'esoteric' collections. The packs contain scales in MTS-format, which is used by all Xen-Arts VSTi's. (Scala-files are also included, but no tun-files). The theme of each pack is explained in very clear language and additionally, the character and potential use of each scale is discussed. Note that these packs have scales only. Partial-files, for matching timbre and tuning, are not included.