RE-201 Roland Space Echo impulse responses 25-200 BPM

A hardware secondhand Roland RE-201 Space Echo is very expensive nowadays. These IRs don't offer the same flexibility as a real Space Echo but the sound is as warm and as analog as it gets. Please note that the noise was removed so if you need more realism you have to add a bit of noise. You can even try using only the left or right part of these stereo IRs, or set the wet signal to mono.

Visual dubbs

Mr. Wassily Kandinsky from Moscow was one of the greatest abstract painters of the 20th century. Or maybe i should say THE greatest. When he painted he heard sounds at the same time (synesthesia). That's why i think it's fair to say he was not only a painter but also a dub scientist. This year there's a really big Kandinsky exposition in Centre Pompidou until the 10th of august.