Tech talk ~ Manu Genius of Not Easy At All Productions

Earl Sixteen's new album The Fittest is the latest release in a string of classy sounding reggae productions coming from Amsterdam's top producers M&M of Not Easy At All productions.


Sick & tired of people complaining about the music business

Today RA points out an article titled "How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans". Some music journalist complaining about musicians "having to pay the price" in the new business model that's shaped by internet technology. This guy warns us that the greed of the music industry "is causing substantial damage to the artistic process" and "even culture itself".


Female alligators want big bass

Science News reports: amorous alligator males produce a 18 to 20 Hz sub bass rumble to seduce females. But that's not all. Hidden in this sound there's an even deeper bass at half the vibrational frequency, 9 to 10 hertz, producing Faraday waves.


Out now: Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier ~ Amsterdam (Dubbhism Deluxe)

"Hottest dancehall/dub princess Leah Rosier has joined Marlon Asher for an anthem coming from the east side of Amsterdam. Some epic win remixes" ~ Tropical Bass


Synth Britannia ~ the roots of British synth pop

"The thing that pissed me off about punk was you had to learn 3 chords to be in a punk band. If you had a synthesizer all you had to do was press one key with a finger you know.."


Partitura automates Kandinsky's dubb teachings

"Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries."


And the winner is... Speakah Productions!!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner in the Irie Remix Contest. Peter Speakah's remix of 'Irie' will be featured on Leah's forthcoming album. Here it is...

Leah Rosier - Irie ( Speakah Prod RMX ) by Speakah productions


Irie remix contest ~ Leah announces winners on FB

Tuesday (May 17th) Leah will announce the winners of the Irie Remix Contest on Facebook and Twitter.


Di ganja farmer is coming to town

Check out Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier in a brand new ting called 'Amsterdam'. Out on Dubbhism Deluxe May 25th ~ worlwide release.