Brain scientist thinks he's on to something

The behavioral neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music claims he can quantify expression and emotion in music: "This is an important first step towards using real music and bringing it into the laboratory and combining rigorous scientific methods with the more expressive and artistic aspects of music"


Happy birthday Lee 'Scratch' Perry!!!

Special request to all Lee Perry fans! Here's I-lodica's version of the Lee Perry classic Soul Fiya. It's a free one, because today the greatest reggae musician in the nekked universe celebrates his 75th birthday. His soul fiya will burn iternally we give thanks for such a blessing.

i-lodica - melodica on fiya by DUBBHISM


Play Music Selecta ~ Mungo's Hi Fi strike again

Nobody can mix up reggae and dubstep like the original bass loving crew from Glasgow, Mungo's Hi Fi. They make it work, serious business, no hype. Two new Scotch Bonnet 12"s coming 4th of april.


Lee 'Scratch' Perry's 75th birthday ~ Dubbhism celebrates with a likkle gift

Hey kids... next sunday the 20th of March the maddest man in the universe & most high musician on the planet ~ Mr. Lee 'Scratch' Perry ~ will celebrate his 75th birthday!! Dubbhism also celebrates this major cosmic event with a likkle gift for all you original Lee Perry fans ~ some nasty dirty dub inna Black Ark stylee ~ stay tuned..


Irie Remix Contest

Yes people!! Time to get busy!!! Remix Leah's choon Irie and if it's really good it might end up on her forthcoming album! Or it might be released on Dubbhism and you'll even win an Irie t-shirt (thank you very much Ragga-Wear Clothing)


Sneak preview ~ I-lodica bends the rules of dubb

Soon come on Dubbhism Deluxe ~ melodica sounds 2 make u stagger. A 5-track EP all about bending the rules of dubb, yuh dun know it's the original melodica maestro straight outta Brighton UK.

dubb i-lodica - cold feet by DUBBHISM

Leah Rosier's EP 'The Real Leah' out on Dubbhism Deluxe April 1st

Leah Rosier is the new star of Dubbhism Deluxe. Her first official release 'The Real Leah' will be available on April 1st. Serious ting!


Just say NO!! to 3D glasses ~ a Hypercubist Manifesto and the Imperfection of Illusion

Hey Hollywood... 3D glasses can't work. We don't want a headache, we want holography and we want it NOW!! Read more about 3D’s technical shortcomings and Neo-Rococo aesthetics in A Non-Luddite Plea for the Imperfection of Illusion.