Out now: The Circuit Bender ~ Timpani

Weird Science by Tony Dubshot on Split-Notes

Vandera mixtape for FatKidOnFire

Dubbhism has a soft spot for mad music scientists. Dutch Londener Vandera (neuroscience) is definitely a member of that tribe. He got a lot of praise recently for a 60-minute mix showcasing 60 tracks, all in C-minor. Surely the work of a madman. Check out this interview at FatKidOnFire and listen to his new mix 


Natty Dave - Traveller (EP) by Speakah Productions

Remember the Dutch reggae producer Peter Speakah? Of course you do! He did the winning remix in the Irie Remix Competition. Now he's back with a new treat, a fantastic EP with Natty Dave, the big man with the big voice from Sierra Leone. Free download, enjoy it!