Mysteries of Dubb ~ Universal Oneness

Unity and Oneness on a cosmic scale is a popular theme in dub culture. The Jamaican mystical philosopher Bob Marley made it his subject, and of course that helped. A lot. Marley also talked about Ethiopian kings, Jamaican politics and certain herbs, but One Love was his number 1 remedy for Babylonian brainwash education.

SoundBytes Magazine's FMTS 2 review

The Xen FMTS 2 is a free VSTi synth by Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts). It opens the way to wild explorations of tunings and timbres. It was used extensively on the latest Dubbhism Deluxe release, an album by Jacky Ligon, Sevish and Dubshot titled '23'. Check out this well written FMTS 2 review by Warren Burt for SoundBytes Magazine.


The Wilfred Limonious Archive

The cover art of Wilfred Limonious takes you right back to the Jamaican eighties and early nineties. Check out The Wilfred Limonious Archive by Interruptor for more Limonious artwork.