Nancarrow vs. Black Midi: too many notes?

In the 20th century, the Mexican/American composer Conlon Nancarrow composed some extraordinary pieces, containing lots of notes, for player piano and for computer-driven prepared piano. The Black Midi scene is taking 'the whole quantity thing' to the next level.


Musical Numerology #6 ~ Binaural beats, entrainment and brainwaves

The claim:
we can manipulate our brain and our state of mind by listening to binaural beats; ultra low frequency sounds in the region of 1 - 12 Hz. Our brainwaves synchronize to the frequency of these beats, making us feel creative, relaxed (alpha waves) or meditative (theta or delta waves). This kind of sync is known as entrainment.

Scientist meets Ted Sirota ~ Heavyweight Dub

Out now: a cool new Scientist production. Check Ted Sirota's website.

Saint Yared

St. Yared, the Ethiopian composer who lived almost 1500 years ago, is the patron saint of dubb. More about his good works over here.

Dubb Cloud: Speakah Productions ~ 2562 ~ Egoless ~ Chrissy Murderbot ~ Brooklyn Shanti

Speakah Productions ~ 2562 / A Made Up Sound ~ Egoless ~ Chrissy Murderbot ~ Brooklyn Shanti & Dani Mari ~ Joe


Prince Jazzbo ~ What a Tribulation

Three days ago, on September 11th, Linval Carter a.k.a. Prince Jazzbo passed away at the age of 62. Today Dubbhism Deluxe releases a new Prince Jazzbo track. With mixed feelings, but also with a cause: we want to raise donations for the Prince Jazzbo Fund.


Suns of Dub on Red Light Radio

Ras Jammy with Addis Pablo presenting Suns of Dub live & direct on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam. Bigup Tahdeo Sparks, Process Rebel.


Musical numerology #5 ~ Euclidean rhythms

The claim: the Euclidean algorithm computes the greatest common divisor of two natural numbers. It can also generate a large family of popular musical core rhythms, simply by distributing rhythmic sounds as evenly as possible. Using some additional math, Euclidean rhythms can even be clustered in ethno-musicologically relevant ways.


Prince Jazzbo needs our support

It's Prince Jazzbo's birthday today, but it's not really a reason to celebrate. Prince Jazzbo is VERY ILL, the doctors call it 'stage 4' lung cancer. So if you want to give him a birthday present the choice is easy. Click this link and DONATE to help Jazzbo.


Marcus Garvey's FBI files

On October 11, 1919 J. Edgar Hoover sent a memorandum to Special Agent Ridgley. Hoover lamented the fact that Marcus Garvey had not yet committed any crime: the FBI had to start a closer investigation.