Out now: Crack my pitch up (Split Notes)

IMAGINE a new musical instrument that can play any sound you like. Surely that would sound quite different from the stuff most musicians pump out routinely. But seriously: how about something REALLY new for a change, because that's what this compilation is all about. Sounds you've never heard before. Call it 'xenharmonic' music (or if that's too hard just call it 'off key').


The Tao of FM Synthesis #2 ~ Find the octaves

In the first episode of ‘The Tao of FM Synthesis’ we got a nice simple picture of FM Synthesis: imagine you grab a singer by the throat and start shaking, very forcefully and at warp speed. The resulting sound effect would be what we call FM (frequency modulation).


Just another false prophet

If you believe this stupid little (not to mention unattractive) octopussy can predict tomorrow's final, there must be something wrong with you :)

Grilling the Messenger - Germany Sours on Octopus Oracle