Mysteries of Dubb ~ Pipecock Jackson

Horoscope for Lee Scratch Perry, March 20 1936, Kendal, Jamaica

Pisces Sun opposite asteroid Ethiopia: Come from Ethiopia
Mercury conjunct asteroid Lee Perry: Intergalactic Brain I
Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center and asteroid Regge: Lightning
Asteroid Karma conjunct asteroid Africa: Marcus Garvey Black Ark
Pluto sextile asteroid Vaticana: Go down Pope

The Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer

Jan Caron of Gearslutz and Tony Dubshot discuss the awesome Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer. And let's not forget the Ornament and Crime module, a versatile module which can also do xenharmonic quantizing and is a good enough choice for beginners. And here's a mix of some xenharmonic tunes by Tony Dubshot.