Musicians and Muses ~ astrological perspectives

This post is for two groups of readers: music lovers and astrology enthusiasts. The music lovers can find out how the nine Muses, a wonderful bunch of ladies from Greek mythology, influence musicians astrologically. Astrologers can learn more about the use of Phi-angles in the natal chart using thematically related asteroids.


The heroic life of Marinus van der Lubbe

Rinus van der Lubbe was born on the 13th of january 1909 in the city of Leiden. He died on the guillotine on the 10th of january 1934 after having been sentenced to death in a Nazi show trial. On the 27st of february 1933, Van der Lubbe had set the German Reichstag on fire, causing unprecedented political turmoil and 'establishing' Nazi Germany. Here's a look at Rinus' heroic life using astrological clues.


The mighty I-lodica passing thru

I-lodica visited the Low Lands recently, cutting tunes and doing sessions all over the place from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and from Arnhem to Leiden. We talked about making some new dubb music. That's definitely going to happen. In the meantime, here are some recent sessions and tunes for your inspiration.

Marshall B & I-lodica | Outta Mi Yard 26-01-2018 | Live session 


Mysteries of Dubb ~ Pipecock Jackson

Horoscope for Lee Scratch Perry, March 20 1936, Kendal, Jamaica

Pisces Sun opposite asteroid Ethiopia ~ Come from Ethiopia
Mercury conjunct asteroid Lee Perry ~ Intergalactic Brain I
Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center and asteroid Regge ~ Lightning
Asteroid Karma conjunct asteroid Africa ~ Marcus Garvey Black Ark
Pluto sextile asteroid Vaticana ~ Go down Pope

The Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer

Jan Caron of Gearslutz and Tony Dubshot discuss the awesome Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer. And let's not forget the Ornament and Crime module, a versatile module which can also do xenharmonic quantizing and is a good enough choice for beginners. And here's a mix of some xenharmonic tunes by Tony Dubshot.