A wearable subwoofer? Meet the Basslet

Linus is kinda cool. He wears strictly sandals and white ankle sox, he's very DIY, he tells it like it is, and even his squeaky voice will grow on you. A bonus for musicians: he has good ears. A classic is his review of the Pono Player. That triangular audiophile mp3-player, sponsored by Neil Young. You don't remember? Never mind.


Edward Snowden ~ the astrological files

About four years ago, in june 2013, astrologers started looking at Edward Snowden’s natal chart. Some of them advised the NSA to hire more astrologers, to avoid certain things from happening again. A more original observation came in 2016, when Mandi Lockley noticed connections between whistleblowers and the Galactic Center.


Surviving the Modular Hype #4 ~ Autothenticity

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. In electronic music, this can be making your own instruments, making your own bleeps and noises or crafting your own unique overall sound. Just like modular synthesis, DIY smells of authenticity, which is something we all like. Unfortunately, in the near future, electronic music will not be about authenticity or DIY anymore. Right now, fully automated AI-music is on the rise.