FRAKnoise the nymphslayer @ Noodlebar

On May 15th FRAKnoise, the self-confessed nymphslayer from Eindhoven (NL), did a Noodlebar set at Roodkapje. A tasty mix of synth drones, bleeps and a funky Fender Rhodes, but the theremin melodies really made the audience drool. Photo's by Hilde Speet.

DIY corner ~ spirit voices & spooky drones

Simple circuits can produce amazing results. The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is simpler than a theremin and it can sound a lot spookier. It's perfect for crazy drones. Check out the 'Disembodied Spirit Voices' @ 1:15 in the video. Want to roll your own? Go here for instructions.  


Naturegraffix ~ international eco idealism

Naturegraffix is a journal filled with comics, graphic novels and interviews. Three volumes are already available in print and online, providing art, provocative eco-idealism, and handy guidelines for 21st century cultural misfits. The official big theme is "How we influence our environment, and how the environment influences us" and the perspective is a fairly pessimistic one to be honest.


Maestro Echoplex EP-4 vs Roland RE-301

Two classic analog tape delays, the Maestro Echoplex Ep-4 and the Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo are compared using a Moog synth.