Vandera's Inky Jack rmx on Goodlooking Records

LTJ Bukem and Vandera looking good, backstage at The Fabric. Remember Inky Jack's killer tune Under the ground? This Vandera remix was originally a part of the release on Dubbhism Deluxe, but when Bukem heard it he wanted it so here it is, in fine style...

Dubb Cloud: Clinton Sly ~ Dub Rockers vol.1 ~ Chronixx ~ Dubmatix ~ Nick Dubateers ~ Silkie

Clinton Sly ~ Dub Rockers vol. 1 ~ Chronixx ~ Dubmatix ~ Nick Dubateers prods. ~ Silkie


Little backpack blues

Sweet basslines and nasty Little Backpacks. Video by Dean Peterson, music by Tony Dubshot (Omega Dub - Split Notes 2010).


Musical Numerology #4 ~ Divine proportions: Φ and the Fibonacci sequence

The claim: the Fibonacci sequence is an amazing number pattern, related to the Divine Proportion or Golden Mean (also known as φ). Look at pineapples, snails, human bodies, architecture, paintings or even music: the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci numbers pop up all over the place. And when they do, the result is always appealing.

Bass Frequency ~ Talking Miami Bass

Some oldskool imagery featuring a couple of Miami Bass heroes. Otto von Schirach says some nice, memorable things. Part 2 is over here.


Zouk 'n' Twerk

As usual, the inimitable Caballo is miles ahead of the rest of the field. Zouk Bass wasn't good enough. Zouk 'n' Twerk rules!

Dubb Cloud: Jah9 ~ Dubblestandart ~ Egoless ~ Volfoniq ~ South Rakkas Crew ~ Mighty Crown

Jah9 ~ Dubblestandart ft. Chezere ~ Egoless ~ Volfoniq ~ Dubtribu Records (free downloads) ~ J-Path ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Syphus ~ South Rakkas Crew ~ Mighty Crown


The ADDAC270 Intuitive Quantizer

Information about the ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer was published on the ADDAC website some time ago, but they've started selling it only recently. It fills the gap between simple quantizers like the Doepfer A-156 or the Analogue Systems RS-260, and more complex beasts like the Analogue Systems RS-130. The user interface looks a bit like the Intellijel designs uScale but the ADDAC is more versatile.

Musical Numerology #3 ~ Harmonia Universalis vs. the Pythagorean comma

The Claim: simple whole number ratios are the building blocks of nature. In music these ratios produce the best, most stable, most beautiful harmonies. The movements of the planets and the sun produce a humming sound; the Harmony of the Spheres. This deep cosmic chord is also based on simple whole number ratios.

Wellwell Sound blaze it up

What a fat piece of goose.. Catch these remixes by Wellwell Wellington, the 8-bit dub organizer from Paris. Free download.



One of the great mysteries of life, the universe and everything is the fact that it's both organic (in evolutionary sense) and symbolic (in Jungian sense). Utterly confused, the French magician Jaques Derrida concludes that sunflowers are the ultimate metaphor of metaphors.