Out now: Ligon / Sevish / Dubshot ~ 23 (Dubbhism Deluxe)

After the Subversio album, this is the second release on Dubbhism Deluxe bringing together the sounds of Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts), Sevish (Split-notes) and Tony Dubshot (Dubbhism). This EP is about a tuning, known as 23 EDO. We call this style Xenharmonic Bass Music.

All pieces are written using the same tuning, and once again the FMTS synthesizer, a VSTi developed by Jacky Ligon of Xen-Arts, was used to design many of the sounds on this EP. Watch out for the release of the FMTS 2. A major update of this synth is imminent.

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Liner notes by THE CAPRICORN

"Although it is good to be born with some kind of inclination to wonder because it disposes us to the acquisition of sciences, yet we ought afterwards to endeavor as much as we can to be rid of it." 
René Descartes ~ The Passions of the Soul

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Enchantment is a cheap COMMODITY in our number-driven Western society. Scientists want us to believe that FANCY COUNTING, otherwise known as MATHEMATICS, is the original language of MOTHER NATURE. Our gifts of imagination, creativity, intuition and other, more esoteric right-brain activities are eradicated at an early age by a corrupt system of so-called education... Homer Simpson is a REALITY!! We don't want MIRACLES, we want DISNEYLAND and the SEVEN FUCKING DWARFS. While the ancients searched for the MYSTERY OF LIFE, we search the internet for extravagant conspiracy theories, USING GOOGLE!!!

This album is not related to the 23 ENIGMA. XENHARMONIC music has NOTHING to do whatsoever with the 432HZ CONSPIRACY.

Original artwork by Marieke Mamarazzi, all rights reserved.