Your thoughts are made of sound

According to traditional nerve-theory, two nerve impulses sent from opposite ends of a nerve annihilate when they collide. New research from the Niels Bohr Institute now shows that two colliding nerve impulses simply pass through each other, just like sound pulses.


Out now: Various Artists ~ High (Dubbhism Deluxe)

High (Dubbhism Deluxe) is the vocals-and-dubs counterpart of the instrumental album titled Deep (Dubbhism netlabel) which was released a week ago. For High we invited Dubbhism family only: Sarah Winton, MK-Ultra and I-Lodica. It's all about soul power with a deep medi vibe. Available in all digital stores from September 8th.

Dubb Cloud: Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Das Ding ~ Legowelt

Maga Bo & Process Rebel ~  South Rakkas Crew ~ Radikal Guru ~ Steppas Records ~ Egoless ~ Barbes D ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Das Ding ~ Orgue Electronique ~ Legowelt


Tuning theory tutorial by John Moriarity

John Moriarity is working on a series of entry-level video tutorials about tunings and xenharmonics. His style is relaxed and he knows how to explain difficult concepts. So if you're new to xenharmonics, and want to know more about the basics ~ without getting lost in mathematical bla bla and weird concepts ~ why not give these a try.


Dutch modular design ~ Das Ding's Baby 8

Dutch electro legend Das Ding aka Danny Bosten has recently begun to build his own Eurorack-compatible mini-sequencer. It's called the Baby 8 and if you're interested you can buy a hand built version (stand-alone or rack) directly from Danny. Just contact him via Facebook. Also, check out this Juno Plus interview about the Baby 8.