Trifon Nikolov the astrological weatherman

SHOCKING ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS!? Oh no... this smells like cheap sensationalism. But if you check it out, you'll see that this is a serious video. Master astrologer Trifon Nikolov uses the best of the ancient techniques from India, Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Arabia and medieval Europe, and some of his predictions are spot on. The recent terrorist attack in Barcelona for example was definitely on his radar.


Workshop ~ Modular microtonal techniques

Noodlefest 2017 will be a great opportunity for modular enthousiasts to check out a large number of seasoned modular artists, all passing through Rotterdam (NL) during one long weekend from september 29th to october 1st. At the Noodlefest, Tony Dubshot will do a workshop about some of the new modular options and techniques that are available to make microtonal music. Breaking news: expect a demo of the brand new Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer.


OR Combiner play 432 Hz-set at Noodlefest

OR Combiner = Lama Waaien (Lamaha Metasynth, guitar & FX) + Tony Dubshot (Modular, singing bowl & tuning fork). This duo from Leiden (NL) play mostly improvised jams: a free jazz-inspired dive into the musical rabbit hole. On the 1st of october they play a set based on 432 Hz at the 5 Years of Noodlebar festival in Rotterdam.