The retroactive effect of asteroid names

The movements of the stars, the planets and even the asteroids are of great interest to astrologers. But a lump of rock or a star is only useful to a stargazer if it has a name. The name connects the physical object to the realm of meaning. It's the most important starting point for astrological interpretation. But that's not the whole story. Names of astronomical objects are in fact deeply weird.


Avicii vs. Pluto ~ some astrological resonances

Two years ago, we checked the birth charts of hundreds of musicians to learn more about a new astrological technique. Back then, Avicii's chart stood out because of an intense Pluto. The name Avicii actually means 'Lowest level of Buddhist Hell' and Pluto is of course the King of the Underworld. Here's a closer look at Tim Bergling's birth chart.


Renay Oshop ~ Scientific astrologer par excellence

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as rigorous scientific astrology. Vedic astrologer Renay Oshop is (one of) the best. She uses modern techniques like AI to trace correlations between the rhythms of the planets and the rhythms of life. She also bends spoons. We had a nice chat recently about the universe, music and astrology.


Musicians and Muses ~ astrological perspectives

This post is aimed at music lovers and at astrology enthusiasts. The music lover can find out how the nine Muses, a wonderful bunch of ladies from Greek mythology, influence musicians astrologically. Astrologers can learn more about the use of Phi-angles in the natal chart using thematically related asteroids.


The mighty I-lodica passing thru

I-lodica visited the Low Lands recently, cutting tunes and doing sessions all over the place from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and from Arnhem to Leiden. We talked about making some new dubb music. That's definitely going to happen. In the meantime, here are some recent sessions and tunes for your inspiration.

Marshall B & I-lodica | Outta Mi Yard 26-01-2018 | Live session 


Mysteries of Dubb ~ Pipecock Jackson

Horoscope for Lee Scratch Perry, March 20 1936, Kendal, Jamaica

Pisces Sun opposite asteroid Ethiopia ~ Come from Ethiopia
Mercury conjunct asteroid Lee Perry ~ Intergalactic Brain I
Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center and asteroid Regge ~ Lightning
Asteroid Karma conjunct asteroid Africa ~ Marcus Garvey Black Ark
Pluto sextile asteroid Vaticana ~ Go down Pope

The Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer

Jan Caron of Gearslutz and Tony Dubshot discuss the awesome Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer. And let's not forget the Ornament and Crime module, a versatile module which can also do xenharmonic quantizing and is a good enough choice for beginners. And here's a mix of some xenharmonic tunes by Tony Dubshot.


Φ in the sky: how to interpret Golden Aspects

This is our second post about the astrologer Theodor Landscheidt, who proposes that the Golden Ratio (or Φ) plays an important role in the physical stabilization of our solar system. He also proposes that the Golden Ratio has an astrological meaning related to stability.


Mysteries of Dubb ~ Harmony of the Spheres

The Harmony of the Spheres is the classic musical metaphor for a meaningful universe. It's roots are ancient, going back to at least 3000 BC in Sumeria. The theory was updated by Pythagoras around 500 BC, and by Johannes Kepler around 1600 AD. But does it still make sense in the 21st century? Let's find out, shall we?


The Linux Experryment

For many years the Dubbhism studio-computer has been running versions of Cubase; first on the Atari ST and later on Windows. Now there's nothing wrong with Cubase, but Microsoft never felt right. The release of Windows 10 was the final insult. Running Reaper on Linux seems to be a realistic alternative.


Arjen Lubach, The Galaxy, The Astrology

Comedy show host Arjen Lubach (right) is the Dutch DJ of the future. He's good in front of cameras and just like Armin van Buuren, he thinks like a lawyer. Other keywords include perfectionism, viral videos and serious musical skills. The Galaxy sounds like fairly generic IKEA-dance but Lubach's instinct for virals will make it work.


Trifon Nikolov the astrological weatherman

SHOCKING ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS!? Oh no... this smells like cheap sensationalism. But if you check it out, you'll see that this is a serious video. Master astrologer Trifon Nikolov uses the best of the ancient techniques from India, Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Arabia and medieval Europe, and some of his predictions are spot on. The recent terrorist attack in Barcelona for example was definitely on his radar.