Out Now: Sterk Water ~ Zonder te Voelen

Download: dubbhism320-023-sterk-water-zonder-te-voelen.rar

Fair hardware

While it's virtually impossible to assemble a 'fair trade' PC, the mobile phone business is now ready for an honesty-and-solidarity-upgrade. FairPhone 2 is "ethical, open and built to last". The design philosophy is aimed squarely against planned obsolescence, illegal mining and exploitation of factory workers to the point of suicide.Crucial!

Linux for beginners

In the cases of Google and Facebook, their intimate relation with the military-industrial complex isn't obvious for average users, but the Big Brother-features of Windows 10 are so in-your-face they even scare your mamma. Altho it's hard to predict where this will end, one thing is clear: Linux, the open alternative, is ready to take over.


Hard-nosed materialists defect to panpsychism

Rupert 'fields all the way down' Sheldrake clearly enjoys this: in 2016, materialism is no longer a sacred scientific doctrine. Some of the most hard-nosed materialists, like Thomas Nagel and Christof Koch are jumping ship. Sheldrake on materialism is fun, like hearing Alan Watts ridiculing protestantism. Full version of his talk over here.


Einstein was wrong ~ let's bet on Al Ghazali's occasionalism

Yesterday, Nature published a remarkable article: "Loophole-free Bell inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres". The authors disprove Einstein's worldview, in which "nothing travels faster than light" and "God doesn't play dice." At least one of these statements must be wrong: local realism is now a pretty corpse.


The Music House in Utrecht

The Music House in Utrecht is the place to be for Dutch A-100 users. You don't just go there to buy stuff. You get coffee, lots of bla bla, photoshoots with random female shoppers posing with vintage gear, more coffee and more bla. When this is done, you get your new gear. Martijn doesn't mind selling the odd ukelele, but Doepfer is still #1.


Surviving the Modular Hype #3 ~ Infinity

Retro synth ads are a goldmine for students of the history of gearlust. Carefully worded vintage ads praise the quality, playability, versatility, desirability and sexuality of music gear. Some ads even sell dreams of total control, like this Casio CZ-3000 brochure, which also has a weird take on the famous infinite possibilities cliché.  

The Limbourgh Brothers ~ Kind of Blue

Ultramarine is a deep blue color, made by grinding Lapis Lazuli into a powder. During the 14th and 15th centuries, it was worth more than gold and yet it and symbolized humility and holiness. The Limbourgh Brothers, three famous painters from Nijmegen, really loved the stuff. International Klein Blue also relies heavily on ultramarine.


Music is One (with a capital O)

Nicolas Slonimsky on Frank Zappa, Edgard Varèse and big scores.


Review ~ BeatStep Pro by Arturia

You don't have to be Nostradamus to see that this will be a hit. The Arturia BeatStep Pro has the connections, the brains and the looks. It's playable, fairly easy to use, not too expensive and it has some nice extra's that show Arturia's experience. Here's what Allert and Ben of Sonar Traffic had to say while checking out the BeatStep Pro.


Surviving the modular hype #2 ~ Design trends

Eurorack modular systems are hot, hip, dope and where it's at. The amount of modules available on the market has grown exponentially in recent years. In part 2 of Surviving the modular hype we look at some of the design trends that have shaped the Eurorack boom.


Mysteries of Dubb ~ Natural Mystic

For most people, life a.k.a. 'the universe' is deeply mysterious, and all of it's precious secrets will itinually and even permanently remain unknowable. But there's also a small group of men and women who are allowed occasional peaks behind the Big Curtains of Creation.