Cryptocurrency astrology #2 ~ Manipulation

Markets are subject to manipulation. Big institutions, big media, trolling billionaires, governments, central banks and regulators have the power to move markets. But what's moving those movers and shakers? Or to quote Robert Anton Wilson: what's really going on?


Cryptocurrency astrology #1 ~ Bitcoin basics

Cryptocurrencies will be an important part of future money. Some people think of Bitcoin as digital gold. But whatever your opinion might be, cryptocurrencies are also interesting from an astrological point of view: lots of timestamps and significator asteroids.  


Jacob Collier's astrological muses

A week ago Jacob Collier won his fifth Granny. Not bad, considering that he was born on the 2nd of August 1994 (in London). Collier has Mozartian levels of musical skill, and he knows how to use Youtube. Watching him perform is a humbling experience for most musicians.