A short documentary about modular synths and Hugh Le Caine.


Mysteries of Dubb ~ The Fourth Dimension

Drums + Bass + Space = Dubb. The math is simple. But the mystery remains: how can we visualize the highly paradoxical local spatiality of Dubb in accurate, and even rigorous ways? About 100 years ago, Claude Fayette Bragdon investigated these questions in A Primer of Higher Space (The Fourth Dimension) and Four-dimensional Vistas.


VA ~ Explorations in Dub (Dub-o-phonic)

The dub-o-phonic netlabel gets busy again. Here's a "musical journey to some unknown areas of dub music". Compiled by Dub Thomas, the album tries to find the hidden elements of dub music in other musical genres, but it really sounds very dubby most of the time, which is ok.

Dubb Cloud: LIN/LOG ~ Infradead ~ Todd Barton ~ dougcl ~ Ron Millar

LIN/LOG ~ Infradead ~ Todd Barton ~ dougcl ~ Ron Millar


The Electronic Church of St. Delia

If Saint John Coltrane can have his own church, surely the electronic music martyr Delia Derbyshire can have one too. The WikiDelia is the place where true believers publish details about Saint Delia's vita.


The Lisbon Dub Collective

Gonçalo Coelho, Tiago Jónatas and Pedro Delmas are The Lisbon Dub Collective and they are now on SoundCloud. They've uploaded an alternate take of their opening track for Strictly Analog Dub (Dubbhism netlabel) and a few takes of a track titled 'Organize Dub'.


Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom ~ Triumph and Torment

Amon Düül II - Eye Shaking King

Various Artists ~ Possible Worlds Vol.2

Very nice xenharmonic music sampler, out now on Bruce Hamilton's Spectropol Records. The opening track is by Jacky Ligon of Xen-Arts. If you like it, you will love the next Dubbhism Deluxe release. Titled '23', it will will feature Jacky Ligon, Sevish and Tony Dubshot. The same guys actually who were on the critically acclaimed Subversio.


Jack the Dripper funded by CIA

For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used American modern art - including the works of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko - as a weapon in the Cold War. Full story: Modern art was CIA 'weapon'


8-bit chiptune Eurorack modules

Here's a roundup of eurorack modules for chiptune sounds. SID GUTS by ALM is built for original Commodore 64 chips. The Analog Bytes POKEY.synth has the Atari POKEY chip on board. Other eurorack modules like the Atari Punk Console by Synthrotek, the Ataraxic Translatron by Noise Engineering and Edges by Mutable Instruments produce the lo-fi digital shift register sound using similar circuitry.

Commodore 64 bass guitar

Radically rethinking bass design & C64 chiptunes


Dubb Cloud : Alpha Steppa & Joe Ariwa ft. Lee Perry ~ Liondub ~ Dubmatix ~ Jah Lyfe

Alpha Steppa & Joe Ariwa ft. Lee Perry ~ Liondub ~ Dubmatix ~ Jah Lyfe (Speakah Productions) ~ Helgeland 8bit Squad ft. George Palma ~ Riddim Tuffa ~ Well Well Sound ~ Mungo's Hifi ft. Lady Ann ~ 7ft. Sound System ~ Dubblestandart ~ Munchi

South Rakkas Crew ~ Nuff Remixes Vol. 1

Pure murderation.. Dennis Shaw causing panic and earbleed.


Advanced Modular Research #5 ~ Introducing the Karplus Strong String Trio

If you have a couple of BBD modules in your modular system, you can quickly patch a lively string trio using the Karplus Strong method.


Advanced Modular Research #4 ~ Harmony is actually a really fast rhythm

In music, harmony is a special case of rhythm: it can also be represented as rhythm. You can hear a chord's rhythm if you slow it down. It's like the difference between CV and audio-rate modulation.

Advanced Modular Research #3 ~ Moog-flavored analog FM

Here's another way to get nice FM sounds. For high quality sine waves and decent tracking, why not use the A-108 Moog filter? Add an A-133 Polarizer for ring modulation and you're almost there.


Nema ~ Empathy [Dubtribu Records]

Nema is a dubstep producer from Rome. His deep 'n' dark track titled Empathy is out now on Dubtribu Records. Bel lavoro! Get it on Juno.

Dubb Cloud: Mungo's Hifi ft. Brother Culture ~ 7FT & Whitey Don ~ Kush Arora ~ Brackles

Mungo's Hifi ft. Brother Culture ~ 7FT & Whitey Don ~ Kush Arora & Jahdan Blakkamoore ~ Ku Bo ~ Brackles ~ Falty DL

Musician Wren whistles perfect octaves

The Musician Wren (a.k.a. Cyphorhynus arada) whistles melodies that sound 'human'. Musicologist Emily Doolittle and biologist Henrik Brumm found that Musician Wrens preferentially produce successive perfect octaves, fifths, and fourths; the basics of human harmony.

Harmonic sequencers by Luisa Pereira

Luisa Pereira knows about music, interaction design and sequencers. She has developed a few good looking, easy to use harmonic sequencers. Classic western harmonic theory and the rules of counterpoint in two handy wooden boxes. Should be on the market!


Advanced Modular Research #2 ~ Analog thru-zero linear FM

FM is a synthesis method that's been covered in detail on this blog, but so far in the digital realm only. Here's an analog patch, featuring the Doepfer A-143-9 VC Quadrature LFO. Basic DX-style FM sounds are really easy with this module: it has thru-zero linear FM capability.



Musical Numerology #8 ~ Yet another octave based theory of everything

The claim:
 the universe is made of dynamic octave relationships. These particular octaves should not be thought of as whole number ratios (the Pythagorean octave concept) but as moving patterns or scenarios. These octaves are the key to all mysteries of the universe. If you know what to look for, you'll start seeing them everywhere.

The bass player... well you have to watch


Advanced Modular Research #1 ~ VOSIM (voice simulation)

VOSIM (VOice SIMulation) is an oldskool sound synthesis-technique. It's good for designing voice-like, and even robot-like sounds.

Speaker that works best in the 5 – 50Hz range

Wanna construct your own Giant Speaker? Check this little tutorial.

Musical Numerology #7 ~ Babylonian arithmetic

The claim:
Pythagoras didn't discover the octave, nor did he 'invent' the Harmony of the Spheres. Sumer (modern-day Iraq) was the birthplace of writing, mathematics, the wheel, agriculture etc. The Sumerians developed the first extensive acoustic~arithmetic model of the Universe. Certain similarities between astronomical cycles and musical tuning systems explain why music, numerology, astronomy, religion, poetry and mathematics were fused into one meta-science.

Lost in Dub #1 by Reservoir Dub

CC dub compilation by the Reservoir Dub crew. Contributions from class acts like Barbes D ft. Imanouel, Dubmatix and Jah Free.

Dubb Cloud: Vuelo ~ General Levy & Joe Ariwa ~ Heidi Riddim by Maffi ~ Boxcutter

Vuelo ~ General Levy & Joe Ariwa ~ Heidi Riddim by Maffi ~ Boxcutter ~ Glenjamin Calculus


Imanouel from Paris

Some big sounds from Imanouel ~ wicked roots styles blod!


Nancarrow vs. Black Midi: too many notes?

In the 20th century, the Mexican/American composer Conlon Nancarrow composed some extraordinary pieces, containing lots of notes, for player piano and for computer-driven prepared piano. The Black Midi scene is taking 'the whole quantity thing' to the next level.


Musical Numerology #6 ~ Binaural beats, entrainment and brainwaves

The claim:
we can manipulate our brain and our state of mind by listening to binaural beats; ultra low frequency sounds in the region of 1 - 12 Hz. Our brainwaves synchronize to the frequency of these beats, making us feel creative, relaxed (alpha waves) or meditative (theta or delta waves). This kind of sync is known as entrainment.

Scientist meets Ted Sirota ~ Heavyweight Dub

Out now: a cool new Scientist production. Check Ted Sirota's website.

Saint Yared

St. Yared, the Ethiopian composer who lived almost 1500 years ago, is the patron saint of dubb. More about his good works over here.

Dubb Cloud: Speakah Productions ~ 2562 ~ Egoless ~ Chrissy Murderbot ~ Brooklyn Shanti

Speakah Productions ~ 2562 / A Made Up Sound ~ Egoless ~ Chrissy Murderbot ~ Brooklyn Shanti & Dani Mari ~ Joe


Prince Jazzbo ~ What a Tribulation

Three days ago, on September 11th, Linval Carter a.k.a. Prince Jazzbo passed away at the age of 62. Today Dubbhism Deluxe releases a new Prince Jazzbo track. With mixed feelings, but also with a cause: we want to raise donations for the Prince Jazzbo Fund.


Suns of Dub on Red Light Radio

Ras Jammy with Addis Pablo presenting Suns of Dub live & direct on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam. Bigup Tahdeo Sparks, Process Rebel.


Musical numerology #5 ~ Euclidean rhythms

The claim: the Euclidean algorithm computes the greatest common divisor of two natural numbers. It can also generate a large family of popular musical core rhythms, simply by distributing rhythmic sounds as evenly as possible. Using some additional math, Euclidean rhythms can even be clustered in ethno-musicologically relevant ways.


Prince Jazzbo needs our support

It's Prince Jazzbo's birthday today, but it's not really a reason to celebrate. Prince Jazzbo is VERY ILL, the doctors call it 'stage 4' lung cancer. So if you want to give him a birthday present the choice is easy. Click this link and DONATE to help Jazzbo.


Marcus Garvey's FBI files

On October 11, 1919 J. Edgar Hoover sent a memorandum to Special Agent Ridgley. Hoover lamented the fact that Marcus Garvey had not yet committed any crime: the FBI had to start a closer investigation.


Vandera's Inky Jack rmx on Goodlooking Records

LTJ Bukem and Vandera looking good, backstage at The Fabric. Remember Inky Jack's killer tune Under the ground? This Vandera remix was originally a part of the release on Dubbhism Deluxe, but when Bukem heard it he wanted it so here it is, in fine style...

Dubb Cloud: Clinton Sly ~ Dub Rockers vol.1 ~ Chronixx ~ Dubmatix ~ Nick Dubateers ~ Silkie

Clinton Sly ~ Dub Rockers vol. 1 ~ Chronixx ~ Dubmatix ~ Nick Dubateers prods. ~ Silkie


Little backpack blues

Sweet basslines and nasty Little Backpacks. Video by Dean Peterson, music by Tony Dubshot (Omega Dub - Split Notes 2010).


Musical Numerology #4 ~ Divine proportions: Φ and the Fibonacci sequence

The claim: the Fibonacci sequence is an amazing number pattern, related to the Divine Proportion or Golden Mean (also known as φ). Look at pineapples, snails, human bodies, architecture, paintings or even music: the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci numbers pop up all over the place. And when they do, the result is always appealing.

Bass Frequency ~ Talking Miami Bass

Some oldskool imagery featuring a couple of Miami Bass heroes. Otto von Schirach says some nice, memorable things. Part 2 is over here.


Zouk 'n' Twerk

As usual, the inimitable Caballo is miles ahead of the rest of the field. Zouk Bass wasn't good enough. Zouk 'n' Twerk rules!

Dubb Cloud: Jah9 ~ Dubblestandart ~ Egoless ~ Volfoniq ~ South Rakkas Crew ~ Mighty Crown

Jah9 ~ Dubblestandart ft. Chezere ~ Egoless ~ Volfoniq ~ Dubtribu Records (free downloads) ~ J-Path ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Syphus ~ South Rakkas Crew ~ Mighty Crown


The ADDAC270 Intuitive Quantizer

Information about the ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer was published on the ADDAC website some time ago, but they've started selling it only recently. It fills the gap between simple quantizers like the Doepfer A-156 or the Analogue Systems RS-260, and more complex beasts like the Analogue Systems RS-130. The user interface looks a bit like the Intellijel designs uScale but the ADDAC is more versatile.

Musical Numerology #3 ~ Harmonia Universalis vs. the Pythagorean comma

The Claim: simple whole number ratios are the building blocks of nature. In music these ratios produce the best, most stable, most beautiful harmonies. The movements of the planets and the sun produce a humming sound; the Harmony of the Spheres. This deep cosmic chord is also based on simple whole number ratios.

Wellwell Sound blaze it up

What a fat piece of goose.. Catch these remixes by Wellwell Wellington, the 8-bit dub organizer from Paris. Free download.



One of the great mysteries of life, the universe and everything is the fact that it's both organic (in evolutionary sense) and symbolic (in Jungian sense). Utterly confused, the French magician Jaques Derrida concludes that sunflowers are the ultimate metaphor of metaphors.


Negritage ~ Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)

A year ago we bumped into the proud Argentinian dubheads of Negritage. Back then they contributed a solid tune to our Strictly Analog Dub sampler. Now they are back with a full-length album on Dubophonic, a new netlabel from Cyprus. The vibes are dirty and fat, the artwork is a 10 out of 10. Check out a tune like Rebelsteppa.


Musical numerology #2 ~ Fractal Music and Algorithmic Composition

The Claim: algorithms like fractals and L-systems are useful musical tools. Statistical analysis reveals the fractal nature of music (1/f noise). Fully automated, computer-generated algorithmic compositions qualify as 'real' music.

Dubb cloud: Jam Jam Accra Riddim ~ Mungo's Hifi ft. Soom T ~ Stereotyp ~ Alpha Steppa

Jam Jam Accra Riddim ~ Mungo's Hifi ft. Soom T ~ Stereotyp ~ Sabo ~ Alpha Steppa ~ General Levy ~ Kid Kamillion ~ Don Midass


Mr Mixi Skinny Scotty & Dizzy D ~ I can handle it

Vintage hiphouse featuring Skinny Scotty from The Hague.


Manja Fyah Flame ~ Shine pon mi (Nairoberry riddim)

Manja shines extra bright on the Nairoberry riddim. Out now on Rebel Liberation Records, this riddim actually features lots of top quality African dancehall artists: free download over here (mediafire)


Out now: Windseeds in Dub

download: dubbhism-netlabel-016-windseeds-in-dub.rar

'Windseeds in Dub' is probably the first harp-based dub album ever, we're not sure tho :-) But this is no doubt an unusual album, mixing up harp melodies and analog dub effects.


Musical Numerology #1 ~ The Good, the Bad and the Illuminati: 440 Hz vs 432 Hz

The Claim: the official concert pitch standard A4=440 Hz is an EVIL pitch standard. It ruins our classical music. A4=432 Hz is a GOOD pitch standard. The EVIL pitch is a brainchild of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (Bavarian Illuminati). The GOOD pitch resonates with the cosmos and your chakra's and it sounds better.


Vi Hart ~ Twelve Tones

There is hope for humanity! Certain musicians are still able to think. Check out Vi Hart on YouTube for the finest in musical numerology.


Cuttooth ft. Kiki Hitomi

Cuttooth's titleless new album is out now on 4lux. The crucial cut is most definitely Old tape machine with Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound). Get the full album on Juno. Remix soon come.

Dubb Cloud: Profit ft. Navigator & Lee Scratch Perry ~ J:Kenzo ~ Kush Arora ~ Metastaz

Profit ft. Navigator & Lee 'Scratch' Perry ~ J:Kenzo ~ Kush Arora ~ Metastaz ~ King Bracket ~ Barbes D ~ Riddim Tuffa Sound ~ Aldubb


Windseeds in Dub ~ launch party July 12th

Mixing up harp melodies and analog dub effects, Windseeds in Dub is an unusual album. This (forthcoming) Dubbhism netlabel release is launched at the Vrijplaats Leiden on July 12th. Marco Hilgeman does a short harp concert and Dubshot spins heavy tunes at the Dubbhism Bass Lounge. Get the original Windseeds album on Bandcamp.

Robert Anton Wilson on informers, spies, the CIA, FBI and Marxist revolutionaries


This one is for everybody who thinks that PRISM is big news...


EyetoEye ~ Retaste EP out now

Brand new ting! EyetoEye mix up roots dub and digital dance. Lead vocal Estel Luz, Manuel a.k.a. Seth (Skint Records, Broken Audio) and Andrea a.k.a. Epitome (No.Mad Records) on machines and Bass/sequencers. Full album coming soon!

Inky Jack EP out now

We are BIG fans of Inky Jack. Check out their new release on Bandcamp. A pay-what-you-want thing for people with ears.


The Real 27 Club

The 27 Club isn't as fabulous as it used to be. Back in the 60ties, the founding members of the club were all bona fide superstars: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendix, Jim Morisson and Brian Jones. Nowadays any musician dead at 27 is admitted by the insatiable wikipedia curators.

Dubb Cloud: Negritage! ~ Zion Train ~ Artilleryxxx ~ The Positronics ~ Legowelt

Negritage! ~ Zion Train ~ Artilleryxxx ~ JungleG ~ The Positronics ~ Legowelt