Musical Numerology #1 ~ The Good, the Bad and the Illuminati: 440 Hz vs 432 Hz

The Claim: the official concert pitch standard A4=440 Hz is an EVIL pitch standard. It ruins our classical music. A4=432 Hz is a GOOD pitch standard. The EVIL pitch is a brainchild of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (Bavarian Illuminati). The GOOD pitch resonates with the cosmos and your chakra's and it sounds better.


Vi Hart ~ Twelve Tones

There is hope for humanity! Certain musicians are still able to think. Check out Vi Hart on YouTube for the finest in musical numerology.


Cuttooth ft. Kiki Hitomi

Cuttooth's titleless new album is out now on 4lux. The crucial cut is most definitely Old tape machine with Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound). Get the full album on Juno. Remix soon come.

Dubb Cloud: Profit ft. Navigator & Lee Scratch Perry ~ J:Kenzo ~ Kush Arora ~ Metastaz

Profit ft. Navigator & Lee 'Scratch' Perry ~ J:Kenzo ~ Kush Arora ~ Metastaz ~ King Bracket ~ Barbes D ~ Riddim Tuffa Sound ~ Aldubb


Windseeds in Dub ~ launch party July 12th

Mixing up harp melodies and analog dub effects, Windseeds in Dub is an unusual album. This (forthcoming) Dubbhism netlabel release is launched at the Vrijplaats Leiden on July 12th. Marco Hilgeman does a short harp concert and Dubshot spins heavy tunes at the Dubbhism Bass Lounge. Get the original Windseeds album on Bandcamp.

Robert Anton Wilson on informers, spies, the CIA, FBI and Marxist revolutionaries


This one is for everybody who thinks that PRISM is big news...


EyetoEye ~ Retaste EP out now

Brand new ting! EyetoEye mix up roots dub and digital dance. Lead vocal Estel Luz, Manuel a.k.a. Seth (Skint Records, Broken Audio) and Andrea a.k.a. Epitome (No.Mad Records) on machines and Bass/sequencers. Full album coming soon!

Inky Jack EP out now

We are BIG fans of Inky Jack. Check out their new release on Bandcamp. A pay-what-you-want thing for people with ears.


The Real 27 Club

The 27 Club isn't as fabulous as it used to be. Back in the 60ties, the founding members of the club were all bona fide superstars: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendix, Jim Morisson and Brian Jones. Nowadays any musician dead at 27 is admitted by the insatiable wikipedia curators.

Dubb Cloud: Negritage! ~ Zion Train ~ Artilleryxxx ~ The Positronics ~ Legowelt

Negritage! ~ Zion Train ~ Artilleryxxx ~ JungleG ~ The Positronics ~ Legowelt