Helgeland 8-bit Squad ft. Sarah Winton & I-lodica ~ Swimming Bird (Dubbhism Deluxe)

Soul, more soul, 8-bit soul... Helgeland 8-bit Squad return to Dubbhism Deluxe, with an original release this time, and they bring UK Soul Queen Sarah Winton (Nightmares on Wax) and Dubbhism veteran I-lodica to nice things up. An epic piece of work, Swimming Bird is as good as it gets if you're into 8-bit Northern Soul. Remixes by the enigmatic Phattyman from The Hague (NL) and Tony Dubshot.

Out now on Dubbhism Deluxe (digital release only). Buy at amazon ~ juno ~ boomkat ~ beatport ~ zero'' etc.

Dubb Cloud: Stooki Sound ~ Siyoung ~ Daega Sound ~ Dubblestandart

Stooki Sound's Gold Trap EP on TrapDoor ~ Free Moms by Siyoung on Hot Mom USA ~ State of Mind by Daega Sound on Black Box ~ Roots tune by Dubblestandart feat. AmA ~ random trap shizzle


Dubtribu Records ~ the MK-Ultra interview

Singer/songwriter/video-artist MK-Ultra and Jahpawa are starting a new bass music label in London, called Dubtribu Records. The tracks they posted on SoundCloud sound very promising, so what's the story?


I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition

Dubbhism loves modular synths! Check out the official I Dream of Wires YouTube channel for extended interviews with the likes of Solvent, Carl Craig and Richard Devine.

Dubb Cloud: Don Fé ~ Negritage ~ Speakah ~ Dubtribu Records ~ Big Dope P ~ J:Kenzo

New riddims by Don Fé,  Negritage and Speakah ~ Dubtribu Records ~ What up Suckaz (trap humor) ~ Kurk Kokane ~ Big Dope P remix ~ new Berlin radiostation ~ J:Kenzo vintage jungle mix.


Stef Kalloo & Bleepolar ~ Chico Sexy

Remember Adam & Eve and their cute pet snake? Here's the full story. Sexy tune by Stef Kalloo, warm & sweaty groove bubbling up from the depths of Bleepolar's mind. So good to hear Stef & Bleepolar together again after the Beautiful Day remix on Dubbhism Deluxe.


Mega fiddle ~ madd science meets big bass

We like people who design their own instruments. And we especially like madd scientists who are obsessed with big bass.

Dubb Cloud: Liondub ~ Four Tet ~ Boxcutter ~ MK-Ultra ~ Bleepolar ~ Barbés D. ~ Don Fé

Wicked jungle from Liondub ~ Four Tet does Timberlake ~ Boxcutter ~ MK-Ultra launches Dubtribu Records ~ Helgeland 8-bit Squad ~ Barbés D. ft. roughneck veteran Joseph Cotton ~ classic sounds by Don Fé ~ Vibronics remixes Zion Train ~ Bleepolar remix for Mister Gómez + hour-long tropical bass mix on MixCloud or download it.

Sean Archibald ~ day:dot EP

The artist formerly known as Sevish returns under his real name: Sean Archibald. He has produced another deep journey into the realm of the previously unheard, titled the day:dot EP.