Dutch modular design ~ Ginko Synthese

Last week's edition of the Noodlebar was a classic. Sierra Romeo (a.k.a. Terrace) did a stunning set, and he was closely followed by Gein, Falafel Biels and Colloid a.k.a. Jan Willem (photo), who is also the man behind eurorack modular start-up Ginko Synthese.

Jan Willem has developed a very interesting Tap Tempo LFO, which is a little bit reminiscent of the Synchronized VC LFOs that Doepfer has had in planning stage for maybe 10 years now (which makes it official vaporware) but Jan Willem's design can actually do much more. Just check the specs. And the TTLFO can even be combined (internally) with this 8 step sequencer. In other words: Jan Willem knows what he's doing. He's passionate about his designs, he's got a plan, and he's not in it for the money. The TTLFO is fairly priced at 115 euros.

Photo's by Hilde Speet for Roodkapje.