Greta Thunberg ~ Wounded healer

In Greta Thunberg's horoscope the Sun is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. That's saying a lot. Also a quirky Venus square Uranus and an empowering Jupiter trine Pluto. Planetary Golden Aspects are strong for Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Asteroid themes include singleminded leader and hunter. Neither modest nor meek.


The aesthetic fallacy

Hard scientists love to project concepts like elegance and beauty on simple equations like E = mc². A revealing choice perhaps, but also quite absurd. Economic use of symbols is really about compressing a body of theory and data to its absolute limit. But if beauty = max compression, the most beautiful painting would be 100% abstract.


The problem with astrology

This is the final post about astrological techniques on the Dubbhism blog. In the future there will be occasional bits and pieces of interpretation for entertainment, but right now it's time to return to the core business: dubb music. Here are some concluding thoughts after four years of astrological research. Rant-mode is switched on.