Scale add-on packs for Xen-Arts VSTi by Sevish

Our good friend and musical co-conspirator Sevish has started producing a collection of MTS microtuning add-on packs which are compatible with the Xen-Arts VSTi line produced by Jacky Ligon. If you're new to the world of xenharmonic scales, this might be just what you need to get you started. Especially if you're a pragmatic musician looking for shortcuts, trying to avoid the abstract and highly theoretical talk that's going on in some xenharmonic circles.

Chap dem Chaplin ~ Another scorcher from Manu Genius' Dubshelter

Ricky Chaplin "Chap Dem Chaplin" (Uniteam Music). Official Promomix by DJ L.Slinga. Album mixed and mastered by Manu Genius at Dubshelter Recordings. Featuring Vernon Maytone, Big Youth, Patrick Andy, Prince Alla, Kiddus I, Echo Minott. With Carlton Santa Davis, George Fully Fullwood, Tony Chin and Dean Fraser.

Inky Jack ~ Freedom

Kwame and Dipesh are back. Stadium size. The track is doing well, getting good reviews all over the place. Remember the thing we did two years ago with Inky Jack?

How to mix bass like a pro

Uberdude Dave Pensado has a crucial YouTube channel. Pure science.

Scientist remixes Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Big sound... pure dub. Check it on the Scientist's website.  


Dubb Cloud: Kalbata ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Wreck Room Productions ~ Fleck ~ Nate Wize

Kalbata ~ Strictly Dub Records ~ Wreck Room Productions ~ Well Well Sound ~ Fleck ~ Nate Wize ~ Conroy Smith ~ The Elgins


Fleck Athens on Red Light Radio

Fleck Athens (left) is simply one of our all time favorite dub DJ's. Solid selection and big party vibes. General Tahdeo Sparks is the strategic genius behind True Soldiers Productions, ranking member of the Hangover Crew and original Prophet of the Clear & Heavy Boom.