Street art ~ 3D sidewalk chalk

Nowadays everybody can be a 'Pavement Picasso' with Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk but you'll need those stupid glasses to see the effect. Julian Beever is a chalk artist from the UK who creates pretty amazing 3D optical illusions using nothing but plain oldskool chalk.

Bits & Pieces

Photoshop contest: Next great hair style for Julian Assange


Music visualization in fine style

Michal Levy is a synesthetically sensitive animator/visual artist/jazz musician from Israel. She visualizes music in a Kandinsky-like style. See those yellow trumpets shimmering :)


Xenharmonic FMTS VSTi ~ microtonal FM synthesis made easy

Programmer/composer Jacky Ligon has released a new VSTi synth.

"A gift to the xenharmonic and microtonal community, as well as to musicians and composers who are interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of microtuning in their music. It is being offered as freeware and can be downloaded here: Xenharmonic FMTS VSTi v1.0"