Mysteries of Dubb ~ The Fourth Dimension

Drums + Bass + Space = Dubb. The math is simple. But the mystery remains: how can we visualize the highly paradoxical local spatiality of Dubb in accurate, and even rigorous ways? About 100 years ago, Claude Fayette Bragdon investigated these questions in A Primer of Higher Space (The Fourth Dimension) and Four-dimensional Vistas.

In order to visualize what it is like inside a hypercube, you have to be able to see in four-dimensional space. The Double Rainbow Display helps to do this via geometric projection down into your two-dimensional computer screen, allocating the bottom half of the Display to the left/right continuum and the top half of the Display to the ana/kata continuum, with both halves of the Display with their central thirds aligned top/bottom so as to display like appearances as forward. The seemingly indistinguishable features of geometrically identical component objects that frame larger polychora can make the task of understanding what you're seeing difficult. At the same time, component-specific indicators, such as object color, may help to orient your attention so as to discern patterns in the motion; the dance conveys the relationships in the object's structure.

The Double Rainbow Display is the ever-iterating product of an ongoing open source Open Science Collaboration on Open Science Framework called Hyperland. Not to be confused with Flatland.

String theory is a scam but the point ~ line ~ plane ~ n dimensional thing is still fun. You get to imagine that you could fold 6 dimensional phase space to raise Michael Jackson from the timeless unchanging omiverse ensemble. Keep in mind tho that from the 5th dimension up this kind of 'scientific' speculation is really free will propaganda.