Advanced Modular Research #1 ~ VOSIM (voice simulation)

VOSIM (VOice SIMulation) is an oldskool sound synthesis-technique. It's good for designing voice-like, and even robot-like sounds.

For the general principles of VOSIM, check out this little tutorial by Rob Hordijk. The video below shows VOSIM in a digital environment (as explained in Hordijk's tutorial).

Clean and theoretically correct results can only be obtained in a digital setting, but VOSIM can also be used (or imitated) in an analog system. This VOSIM-inspired patch for analog modular systems gives easy access to dirty formants and more, without using filters. The yellow signals are control voltages, the green signals are audio, the blue arrows indicate settings that should not be adjusted.

For musical inspiration, check out this mp3, featuring only the analog Doepfer A-100 VOSIM-patch and some drum sounds.

Here's another analog implementation of VOSIM. The music in the video below is based on digital VOSIM.