Coming soon: a xen quantizer for eurorack

You are looking at a prototype of the first deadicated xenharmonic quantizer for eurorack. More info about the project is available on Muffwiggler. The µTune module is being developed by Tubbutec. It can do dual gated xenharmonic quantization, and reads Scala .scl-format from an SD-card. The accuracy is about 0.2 cents.

At Dubbhism, we have literally waited for years for the arrival of such a module. There are all kinds of half-baked solutions for xenharmonic music in eurorack format, but the µTune is by far the most promising project we know of. It will probably have these specs:
  • high resolution microtonal midi2cv/gate interface, 10 octaves
  • microtonal gated quantizer, cv in 1V/oct
  • upload scales via Scala or use scl. files directly from a SD card
  • internal scale editor
  • accuracy ~ 0.2 cents
  • graphic display for scale, note and tuning details
  • real time transposition and tuning selection     
We'll do a review later this year, as soon as the module is available, probably a shootout between the Tubbutec µTune, the ADDAC Intuitive quantizer, the Ornament & Crime, which can act as a 4-channel xenharmonic quantizer, and the Intellijel µScale II.