OR Combiner play 432 Hz-set at Noodlefest

OR Combiner = Lama Waaien (Lamaha Metasynth, guitar & FX) + Tony Dubshot (Modular, singing bowl & tuning fork). This duo from Leiden (NL) play mostly improvised jams: a free jazz-inspired dive into the musical rabbit hole. On the 1st of october they play a set based on 432 Hz at the 5 Years of Noodlebar festival in Rotterdam.

432 Hz, what the hell is that? Well, it's a controversial conspiracy theory about cosmic vibrations, chakra's, the Bavarian Illuminati and tuning your instruments to a so-called 'universal' reference pitch of 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz (an evil frequency according to certain people). OR Combiner is going to give both your chakra's and your ears a very special massage with pure cosmic 432 Hz tones. Dresscode: tin foil hat.