Out now: ISM/DUBBHISM ~ Vintage Dubbs Vol. 2

Download: dubbhism-netlabel-010-vintage-dubbs-vol.2.rar

"Instead of expanding the meaning of “dub” with his eclectic mad-hatter approach Dubbhism (a.k.a. Tony Dubshot) made it something completely new by adding another letter ‘b’."
Generation Bass

The redub-edition of the 'Vintage Dubb' series features 15 tracks by some of the finest artists in the international dub/dubstep scene today. Tony Dubshot adds the analog sauce and vintage fx.


01 Radikal Guru - Warriorz dub (no fear redub)
02 Manudub - Strength of Jah (devil dead redub)
03 Marcus Hillman - Cool operator (superconductive redub)
04 Lion of Joppa Sound System - 3 Little dub birds (twigs & seeds redub)
05 3re - Unknown bounce (anonymous redub)
06 Sevish - Islands (panharmonic redub)
07 Hypno - Hubbledub (purple microscope redub)
08 Subatomic Soundsystem ft. Rhiannon - Rize up (angular momentum redub)
09 Don Froth - Taxi (noisy redub)
10 L.Drift & Kosine - Differential pressure (hot air redub)
11 Process Rebel - Step specialist (barefoot redub)
12 Ku bo - Tsu bo (walk and skank mix)
13 Baby Arm Sound System - Monkey flower dub (flowery twats redub)
14 Dub for Light - Beyond (good ol' funky redub)
15 Jah Billah - Dutchie (homegrown redub)