Forthcoming on Dubbhism Deluxe ~ Leah Rosier's EP 'The Real Leah'

2011 is a big year for Leah Rosier. The unstoppable reggae diva from Amsterdam (NL) is doing gigs, recording lots of tracks and writing new material as we speak. Both a singer and a multi-instrumentalist, she has created her own unique reggae flavor. Every day new fans from all over the globe are tuning in, craving for her irie sounds.

So of course Dubbhism is very proud to announce the forthcoming release of 'The Real Leah' EP next april. But that's just the beginning. Right now top producers from all over the planet (New York, Bogota, Zagreb, Leiden) are working on remixes for one of Leah's biggest tunes to date. The single, featuring a big reggae celebrity on guest vocals, will be released as soon as the temperature has risen to a summer kinda level in Amsterdam.

Leah's main ingredients include conscious lyrics, an irie vibe, warm sexy vocals, tailor-made classic riddims and a hard hitting sound that fuses both roots reggae and dancehall styles. And Miss Rosier happens to be a professional model as well (the girl can't help it.. ) so we're expecting some awesome artwork to go with those irie beats. Here at Dubbhism we're pretty confident that Leah is ready fi conquer, while making Dutch reggae look better than ever.

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