Out now on Split-Notes: Next Xen

Next Xen is a new compilation out on Split-Notes, our favorite xenharmonic label. The album features ~ among many others ~ Jacky Ligon (killer track) and Sevish (another scorcher), who have also collaborated with us on several Dubbhism releases. Also fine tracks by Brendan Byrnes, Steve Mueske, Carlo Serafini and Elaine Walker.  

According to the liner notes, the compilation "unshackles music from a 200 year old ball and chain. Western music theory says that there are 12 equal notes, and for some reason it’s a taboo to break out of this. But what if you want to hear 13? Or even 100 notes, all of different sizes? Such music would be called microtonal, xenharmonic, or just xen." Get your copy over here, enjoy!