Sean Archibald ~ day:dot EP

The artist formerly known as Sevish returns under his real name: Sean Archibald. He has produced another deep journey into the realm of the previously unheard, titled the day:dot EP.

If you have checked some of the posts about xenharmonics on the Dubbhism blog, you probably know about Sean's Split Notes label already. Sean is actually one of the heads behind the global xenharmonic bass movement (well... there's at least three of us..).

His new EP is not just about xen music. Sean is also a sound designer. For example, he programs synths and plug-ins using tools like Max. This experience has probably helped him quite a bit to achieve the impressive level of clarity and precision that is becoming a trademark of his emerging, highly personal production style. Just check out the percussion in the opening track. Amazing ambience!

The music on this EP is all built from scratch. No pre-programmed ingredients, no sample packs, not a lot of familiar sounds. Maybe that makes it 'musician's music', maybe not. Anyway, if you like your music predictable, you definitely won't enjoy this.