Xen-Arts releases XenFont: Xenharmonic SoundFont VSTi

Remember SoundFonts? Most people don't use them anymore, but the new Xen-Arts VSTi synth may change that - at least for musicians interested in xenharmonic sound design. XenFont is a microtonal sound-designer's SF2 sample-based synthesizer.

Over the last couple of weeks we've tested the XenFont in the studio. It follows some of the familiar patterns and workflows of the Xen-Arts VSTi synth family. But using the SF2-format as 'oscillator-section' also introduces new possibilities, especially if you have a big archive of SoundFonts on a backup drive somewhere, waiting to be revived.

Changing tunings is easy, loading fonts is easy, manipulating the sound of the fonts is easy, the ADSR-section is improved with some very nice new curves, and there's even a new phaser/chorus effects section for extra timbral movements. In other words: this is another no-brainer by Xen-Arts. Congratulations Jacky! Download at Xen-Arts.