Discovery of the HIGGS FIELD: implications for BASS music?

The discovery of the HIGGS BOSON is great news for DUB scientists. It's a big thing, like the discoveries made by Einstein about 100 years ago. But having said that, DUB scientists are not really surprised by the news of the so-called GOD PARTICLE. It's just a confirmation of DUB theory, which is always a bit ahead of ACADEMIC theory.

Here's an example: back in the days when Albert Einstein discovered E=MC2 (relativity) he came up with several brand new concepts. One of them was spacetime. Time and space are ONE according to the theory of relativity. Your brain may tell you otherwise, but that's just because you're not used to space travel at ludicrous speed.

But of course the concept of warped spacetime wasn't that weird for DUB scientists. Because DUB scientists link space with time all the time. For example: a sound engineer increases the delay time on a sound effect device with a simple flick of the wrist et voila: the musical space is suddenly twice as big.

The Higgs boson, or GOD PARTICLE, is a very different concept. It is believed to be the particle which gives mass to matter. Actually it's not the particle that's most interesting here, but the FIELD associated with it: the HIGGS FIELD. It's like the electromagnetic field, but more quantum, much DEEPER, and primarily related to mass (weight). By coupling with this field a massless particle acquires potential energy and, by the mass~energy relation, mass. The stronger the coupling, the more MASSIVE the particle.

Sounds familiar? Again, as with spacetime, DUB scientists have been working with a musical version of the Higgs Field model for many years. Intuitively they have always focussed on BASS and the WEIGHT that is associated with it. Among DUB scientists, the SINE WAVE is known as the most efficient carrier of sonic and musical weight. The best example of the MASSIVE POWER a sine wave can carry is probably the BLACK HOLE SOUND WAVE that was discovered by astronomers in 2003, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

While matter gets heavy by coupling to the Higgs Field, music gets it's weight by coupling rhythm and melody to the BASS FIELD. Weight also means CREATION, and bass (shockwaves in the bass field) is the first sound of creation (the primal scream of the universe) according to many theories of DUB. Here's a quote from wikipedia:

"The Higgs field has been proposed as the energy of the vacuum from which all else came. In the first instant of time, it had the featureless symmetry of an undifferentiated energy that was all the universe was. In successive symmetry breakings at phase transitions occurring at discrete, lowering temperatures and densities, it gave rise to the universe. The last was the breaking of the electroweak force that liberated the weak and electromagnetic forces, and is now in reach of experiment. Well out of reach is the phase transition that separated the electroweak from the strong force. But the Higgs field, the proposed origin of all rest mass, is as central to investigation of the strong force as the weak." 

Please note that certain individuals (the types who like to indulge in CONSPIRACY THEORIES) believe the Higgs Field to be the work of SATAN. And some think the field = satan. That's nonsense of course.