Leah Rosier's EP 'The Real Leah' out on Dubbhism Deluxe April 1st

Leah Rosier is the new star of Dubbhism Deluxe. Her first official release 'The Real Leah' will be available on April 1st. Serious ting!

Leah Rosier - The Real Leah EP by DUBBHISM

Leah Rosier ~ The facts

Some people are natural born singers and Leah Rosier is one of them. Most babies cry, but not little Leah. She would sing strange, otherworldy tunes even in her cradle. Born in Amsterdam, she started picking up reggae vibes and playing the piano and guitar at the age of 12. No Doubt and Sublime were her first musical heroes but she got into roots reggae soon after that.

Travelling around the world as a young model, reggae music was her musical vitamine R. She wrote lots of tunes, played in a few bands, until finally in 2010 she decided to go for it and become a reggae singer, spreading love and irie vibes. The EP 'The Real Leah' is her first official release. An album is planned later in 2011.

Official website ~ Leah on Facebook

Irie Remix Contest

Leah gets lots of requests for collabs and that's why we've decided to do an i-ficial remix contest. Your remix of Irie might end up on Leah's forthcoming album! Or it might be released on Dubbhism. Or you can win a very Irie t-shirt.

Free download

Indameantime grab Tony Dubshot's Nasty Dub 4 free

leah rosier - irie (nasty dub) by DUBBHISM