EP review: Sevish ~ Human Astronomy (Split Notes)

Some people listen to cd's or records, some people like to listen to mixes or radio shows. And some (like me) listen to big shuffled playlists on an iPod or WinAmp or something like that.

When you're listening to an album or a mix you know more or less which artists you're hearing, but a big randomized playlist of instrumental dubtech, dnb, minimal dub and dubstep can be a more anonymous experience because many producers and tunes in these genres have a tendency to sound a bit similar. Only a few achieve "identity of sound" as the Mad Professor calls it (he should know what he's talking about because the Ariwa sound is instantly recognizable).

Sevish also has a strong 'identity of sound' but he achieves it in a completely different way: through the use of xenharmonic harmonies. This is quite something because unique sounds are usually created with voices, sound fx or rhythm.

To be honest i'm not sure that the Sevish sound will be instantly recognizable for everybody. His harmonies might be more special for musicians than for average listeners or DJ's. I've trained myself a little bit in listening to xenharmonics so obviously i'm not in a position to talk about this 100% objectively.

But never mind that, this is a great EP and a firm next step for Sevish as a xenharmonic composer (i think it's a good thing to use that out-of-fashion word every now and then). OK, no long talking just listen and if the music hits you with a strong identity and lots of originality that means this review wasn't so biased after all :)

Download at Split Notes