David Hockney ~ Fresh Flowers

This has to be the freshest art exhibition in years.. David Hockney is showing fresh flowers, drawn on iPods and iPads and exhibited on all kinds of digital screens.

He says “There’s magic in an iPad. It’s the same magic that’s in pencil or pen or brushes.” Mr. Jobs couldn't wish for a better quote :)

David Hockney: Fleurs fraîches at Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent 20 october 2010 - 30 january 2011 ~ read more (Vogue)

Hockney experrymenting with one of the first paint-programs made for computer/screen back in 1985.

In 2001 Hockney did a pretty amazing documentary that shows how renaissance painters in Italy and the Netherlands learned to draw and paint with incredible detail and using 'correct' laws of perspective with the aid of mirrors and camera obscura's.