Album review: Knowsur ~ Nana Wodori (Split Notes)

The xenharmonic tree that was planted by Sean Archibald (a.k.a. Sevish) continues to bear wonderful new fruits as Japanese composer/beatmaker Knowsur drops his first album on Split Notes. Nana Wodori is catchy, bleepy, quirky, jazzy and sugar coated all at once.

The tunes are all quite short but also instantly addictive. A track like Ouchi is so unbelievably hip you have to play it not twice but three times. Perfect soundtrack for your next little trip to Japan.

Knowsur is a very talented musician and composer. Not just relying on technical skills but an original artist with soul. He explains a bit about the technical side of his music on the release-info/download page over at Split Notes.

He mentions that he's been using a Vocaloid in 7-tet on Haiiro No Umi No Soko De. That's quite something, actually i also planned to use a few Vocaloids xenharmonically for a Japanese kinda lovers rock sound, but i gave up because of the complexity of the process. Knowsur is more determined, he found the right plugin for the job :) Anyway the Vocaloid (Miku Hatsune?) delivers some nice poetic lyrics and even the artwork by Chiyuru Michibata is delicious.