Out now: D.E.A.D - Sonic System

Download: dubbhism-netlabel-005-d.e.a.d.-sonic-system.rar

"I really love the sounds" ~ Dieter Doepfer

"Dadaistlikud industrial-helid, 8bitised helivõnked ja rütmid, elektromutandid, dub-muusika võnked aegluubis. Nagu Throbbing Gristle ja Cabaret Voltaire algusaegadel publikut šokeerimas ja provotseerimas (et vastu päid saada)." ~ Kert Semm

Dubbhism proudly presents the album 'Sonic System' by D.E.A.D. This is music for dubbhists, electronica lovers and synth-geeks.

Technical note: all sounds you are about to hear were made with a big bad transgenic monster synth that was programmed using ratios, algorithms, recipes and dirty tricks known only to those initiated in the ancient sacred rites of musical geometry, OK?

File under: Transgenic Lower Dubb Organisms, Frankenstein Dubb, Intelligent Dubb Music

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