Serious deejay-bashing over at FIRST magazine

Some really serious dancehall-bashing over at FIRST magazine. Here's a long quote from an article by producer Sherman Escoffery:

"I remember a producer telling me in the late 80’s that one of the worst things that can happen in the Jamaican music is if deejays rise to the top of musical ladder. You see in Jamaican music, the initial order of importance in music was musicians, singers; then deejays came last. After a while the order changed to singers, musicians and deejays still last. I still remember Red Dragon refusing to sign on to a show because Sanchez was getting paid more than him; granted Sanchez was selling more records but that didn’t matter to Red Dragon. In the very late 80’s to the early 90’s the deejays managed to come out on top and the musicians were relegated to last with the singers in the middle. Now the simple fact is that the deejays were the deafest and most musically illiterate of the three."

Full story here: The cancer in Jamaican music

I hear what he's saying but on the other hand too much Morgan Heritage will also shrink your brain...