Viva Barefoot!

Stereotyp (Crunchtime, G-Stone) is a veteran producer from Vienna who has created his own dance music genre called Barefoot. Definition: funky bass music meets ragga ohne Hemmungen. Generation Bass has the full story here.

So did we really need a new label/genre? Yes! Here's a quote from Stereotyp:

"I thought by creating a genre that doesn’t have these tempo restrictions, it will give peeps that like jumping tempo’s a right to exist."

"I myself made tunes in the past that were not released because even if a label really liked it, they saw a problem for sales because it didn’t fit any of the tempo rules that other dance music had at that time. Free the sound :)"

This also sums up the issues i have with the 'dubstep' label. Because dubstep is not really a musical style or a rhythm or anything like that. It's a bpm rule designed to make life easier for the DJ. Never mind the 'heavy subs' myth.. ever been to a proper reggae dance? If i were still in the selector business today i'd play strictly Barefoot. Hand inna the air seh yuh nuh inna dem conveyor belt ting :-)

Stereotyp barefoot update 09 by stereotyp

Talen - Kingston Book Session hosted by Junior Indian by talen

Another barefoot mix.. this one coming from the Talen crew out of Switzerland. Talen have just released two 12 inches titled Kingston Book and New York Book. Mr. Junior Indian mixes up the new releases and some Talen exclusives.

And finally here are some more transalpine mixes from Swiss producer Wildlife