Chiphall style remix by Helgeland 8-bit Squad

The Irie remix competition is done but this tune is a winner!! Pure 8-bit pressure so watch this crew, these guys are dj's for the future.


Out now: VA ~ Subversio (Dubbhism Deluxe)

Subversio (Latin, noun): overturn, overthrow, ruin, destruction


Out now: The Circuit Bender ~ Timpani

Weird Science by Tony Dubshot on Split-Notes

Vandera mixtape for FatKidOnFire

Dubbhism has a soft spot for mad music scientists. Dutch Londener Vandera (neuroscience) is definitely a member of that tribe. He got a lot of praise recently for a 60-minute mix showcasing 60 tracks, all in C-minor. Surely the work of a madman. Check out this interview at FatKidOnFire and listen to his new mix 


Natty Dave - Traveller (EP) by Speakah Productions

Remember the Dutch reggae producer Peter Speakah? Of course you do! He did the winning remix in the Irie Remix Competition. Now he's back with a new treat, a fantastic EP with Natty Dave, the big man with the big voice from Sierra Leone. Free download, enjoy it!


Subversio ~ forthcoming on Dubbhism Deluxe

Subversio (Latin, noun): overturn, overthrow, ruin, destruction


Music and mathematics

Music and mathematics seem to be related, but the exact nature of this relation is not very clear. For example, some people see Fibonacci numbers everywhere in music, others think that fractals and algorithms are actually musical compositions, some are inspired by Pythagoras and search for the 'perfect tuning' of their instruments, and some people believe that Mozart coded the secrets of the pyramids in his works... and so on and so on...


Kandinsky style visualizations

Numbercult is a music & visualization 'project' from Glasgow. It looks very Kandinsky.


Xenharmonics ~ ancient conjunctions at the apex of harmonic universe

The CAPRICORN speaks:

Thousands of years ago man crawled out of the jungle and became a modern citizen. As the way of life of the PLANTER was now centered around the change of SEASONS, man quickly discovered that the doctrines of MATHEMATICS have great affinity with the structure of UNIVERSE and even MUSIC.


Keith Richards vs Modular Synthesis

Wow Keith that's a really nice sine wave!! Scene from Mario Shifano’s 1969 film Umano non Umano.


Vintage electronica and sound design

One thing that's good about the 'good old days' of electronic sound & music was the lack of equipment. The FAIRLIGHT IPHONE APP did not exist. Musicians, engineers and sound designers wore lab coats and were getting their sonic results with the stuff that was available.

Raymond Scott's Electronium

Raymond Scott is the original mad scientist of electronica ~ even Bob Moog agreed with that. Here's a wonderful clip of a piece made with the Electronium. It's funny how Kandinsky-like these visuals are.


Bass haters ~ a reissue with too much bass?

Here's a quote coming from a Jack-purist who thinks Rush Hour’s House of Trax reissues have too much bass:


Bleepolar interview ~ Colombian sounds & visions

From Cumbia to Techno and from music production to graphic design and video, Bleepolar has a wide range of interests and talents. His remix of Amsterdam by Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier (Dubbhism Deluxe) was picked up by the Global Bass blogs, a DJ's favorite.

marlon asher & leah rosier - amsterdam (bleepolar remix) by DUBBHISM


R. Buckminster Fuller - crazy science in fine style

R. Buckminster Fuller (a.k.a. Bucky a.k.a. the 20th century Leonardo Da Vinci) was an American environmentalist and an all round type of guy. He did mathematics, architecture, philosophy, engineering etc. In his scientific research Bucky was a bit eccentric, almost an artist.


Feeling the bass ~ and those other sounds as well

Everybody knows that bass is a sound that's meant to be felt as well as heard. But how about this:

"About a year and a half after her stroke, a 36-year-old professor started to feel sounds. A radio announcer’s voice made her tingle. Background noise in a plane felt physically uncomfortable. [...] 


Tech talk ~ Manu Genius of Not Easy At All Productions

Earl Sixteen's new album The Fittest is the latest release in a string of classy sounding reggae productions coming from Amsterdam's top producers M&M of Not Easy At All productions.


Sick & tired of people complaining about the music business

Today RA points out an article titled "How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans". Some music journalist complaining about musicians "having to pay the price" in the new business model that's shaped by internet technology. This guy warns us that the greed of the music industry "is causing substantial damage to the artistic process" and "even culture itself".


Female alligators want big bass

Science News reports: amorous alligator males produce a 18 to 20 Hz sub bass rumble to seduce females. But that's not all. Hidden in this sound there's an even deeper bass at half the vibrational frequency, 9 to 10 hertz, producing Faraday waves.


Out now: Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier ~ Amsterdam (Dubbhism Deluxe)

"Hottest dancehall/dub princess Leah Rosier has joined Marlon Asher for an anthem coming from the east side of Amsterdam. Some epic win remixes" ~ Tropical Bass


Synth Britannia ~ the roots of British synth pop

"The thing that pissed me off about punk was you had to learn 3 chords to be in a punk band. If you had a synthesizer all you had to do was press one key with a finger you know.."


Partitura automates Kandinsky's dubb teachings

"Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries."


And the winner is... Speakah Productions!!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner in the Irie Remix Contest. Peter Speakah's remix of 'Irie' will be featured on Leah's forthcoming album. Here it is...

Leah Rosier - Irie ( Speakah Prod RMX ) by Speakah productions


Irie remix contest ~ Leah announces winners on FB

Tuesday (May 17th) Leah will announce the winners of the Irie Remix Contest on Facebook and Twitter.


Di ganja farmer is coming to town

Check out Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier in a brand new ting called 'Amsterdam'. Out on Dubbhism Deluxe May 25th ~ worlwide release.


An Eyeful of Sound

Synaesthetic people don't need video clips or visuals they just use their brains.


Xenharmonic tutorial ~ harmonic exploration made easy

This tutorial is for computer musicians who like to experiment with funny harmonies. If you don’t know anything about music theory that’s ok, but you should have a basic sense of harmony. Another thing you’ll need is a suitable synthesizer.


DIY mastering for dubbers

These short mastering tutorials by Dubspot are very clear and to the point. The workflow and the suggested control settings for the combination of iZotope Ozone 4 plugin and Ableton host in part 1 should translate well to other hosts & plugins. Watching these videos won't turn you into you a skilled mastering engineer overnight but it's a good introduction to low budget mastering.


The robotification of musical taste

James Murphy was the big man behind the recently discontinued LCD Soundsystem. In case you've never heard of him, he's like the David Byrne for the post-whatever generation. It's a pleasure to hear him talk about music. This interview (2006) by m ss ng p eces is totally up to the minute.


Chrissy Murderbot makes footwork sound good

This has to be my favorite footwork release by Planet Mu to date. Chrissy Murderbot adds a fat sound, a sleng teng sample, and wicked vocals by MC Zulu. Maximum vibes.. LP is coming april 9th


Out now: Leah Rosier ~ The Real Leah (Dubbhism Deluxe)

Noah's Ark ~ just another boat or hi tech alien spaceship?

Dub research isn't just about music: there's also a scientific and a spiritual aspect. Nowadays the spiritual side of dub is all but forgotten by dub scientists. That's why Dubbhism is launching a new research program, fusing rigorous dub science and old time religion.

Vampires & Informers ~ I want moooore blooood

Subatomic Sound (NYC) is teaming up with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) for a series of releases bringing together top Jamaican artists with top electronic producers worldwide. Elephant Man's “Vampires & Informers” is the kick-off.

Soundcloud dub discovery ~ Spring Reverb Museum

Japanese dub artist Mitsuki (Tokyo) has posted some very nice vintage dubs on Soundcloud recently. Most of them are free downloads. Some classic 80's lovers rock in dub, some Mad Professor and also a few well known riddims like Hot Milk and Queen of the Minstrel. Check it out if you're into vintage dub sounds.


Brain scientist thinks he's on to something

The behavioral neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music claims he can quantify expression and emotion in music: "This is an important first step towards using real music and bringing it into the laboratory and combining rigorous scientific methods with the more expressive and artistic aspects of music"


Happy birthday Lee 'Scratch' Perry!!!

Special request to all Lee Perry fans! Here's I-lodica's version of the Lee Perry classic Soul Fiya. It's a free one, because today the greatest reggae musician in the nekked universe celebrates his 75th birthday. His soul fiya will burn iternally we give thanks for such a blessing.

i-lodica - melodica on fiya by DUBBHISM


Play Music Selecta ~ Mungo's Hi Fi strike again

Nobody can mix up reggae and dubstep like the original bass loving crew from Glasgow, Mungo's Hi Fi. They make it work, serious business, no hype. Two new Scotch Bonnet 12"s coming 4th of april.


Lee 'Scratch' Perry's 75th birthday ~ Dubbhism celebrates with a likkle gift

Hey kids... next sunday the 20th of March the maddest man in the universe & most high musician on the planet ~ Mr. Lee 'Scratch' Perry ~ will celebrate his 75th birthday!! Dubbhism also celebrates this major cosmic event with a likkle gift for all you original Lee Perry fans ~ some nasty dirty dub inna Black Ark stylee ~ stay tuned..


Irie Remix Contest

Yes people!! Time to get busy!!! Remix Leah's choon Irie and if it's really good it might end up on her forthcoming album! Or it might be released on Dubbhism and you'll even win an Irie t-shirt (thank you very much Ragga-Wear Clothing)


Sneak preview ~ I-lodica bends the rules of dubb

Soon come on Dubbhism Deluxe ~ melodica sounds 2 make u stagger. A 5-track EP all about bending the rules of dubb, yuh dun know it's the original melodica maestro straight outta Brighton UK.

dubb i-lodica - cold feet by DUBBHISM

Leah Rosier's EP 'The Real Leah' out on Dubbhism Deluxe April 1st

Leah Rosier is the new star of Dubbhism Deluxe. Her first official release 'The Real Leah' will be available on April 1st. Serious ting!


Just say NO!! to 3D glasses ~ a Hypercubist Manifesto and the Imperfection of Illusion

Hey Hollywood... 3D glasses can't work. We don't want a headache, we want holography and we want it NOW!! Read more about 3D’s technical shortcomings and Neo-Rococo aesthetics in A Non-Luddite Plea for the Imperfection of Illusion.


Alan Parsons: Art & Science Of Sound Recording ~ Instructional Videos

Although i'm no Alan Parsons fan i have to admit he knows how to mix a tune. Art & Science Of Sound Recording is a set of instructional videos covering all things studio. There are 24 video talks (10 hours) available in three forms: web-based streaming (at $1.99 each); downloadable MP4 files (at $4.99 each); and a DVD box set.


Bruce Lee's lost interview ~ the Mandarin Superstar talks!

"All types of knowledge ultimately mean self-knowledge."

"Style is a crystallization, a process of continuing growth."


Joe Power vs. Unforeseen Circumstances

Joe Power (a.k.a. The Man Who Sees Dead People) is a psychic/medium. According to his website Joe's psychic ability includes "mind-boggling visions, out-of-body travels, auras, premonitions and a motley array of constant spirit visitors. He possesses the full array of psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience."


Scientist mixes The Upsetters ~ live dub session

"Ready Scotty let's try a nex one.." Dub maestro Scientist meets the Upsetters in a studio in London. Also some live vibes & live dub session @ Fabric.


The amazing invisible guitar, harp, violin etc.

Wiimotes and Kinects are used to create new musical user interfaces. Here are some of the invisible instruments that were shown ~ kinda ~ at the New York Music Hack Day (via Peter Kirn/CDM)


Forthcoming on Dubbhism Deluxe ~ Leah Rosier's EP 'The Real Leah'

2011 is a big year for Leah Rosier. The unstoppable reggae diva from Amsterdam (NL) is doing gigs, recording lots of tracks and writing new material as we speak. Both a singer and a multi-instrumentalist, she has created her own unique reggae flavor. Every day new fans from all over the globe are tuning in, craving for her irie sounds.


The 'Music Industry' in 5 blogs

The Music Industry Report ~ The latest news, tips, and advice columns for the global music community

The Lefsetz Letter ~ Famous for being beholden to no one and speaking the truth

Hypebot ~ Music, technology, the new music business

Music Ally ~ Digital music business information and strategy company

Wayne's World ~ Smart, entertaining and provocative commentary on happenings in the digital music and record industries


Street art ~ 3D sidewalk chalk

Nowadays everybody can be a 'Pavement Picasso' with Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk but you'll need those stupid glasses to see the effect. Julian Beever is a chalk artist from the UK who creates pretty amazing 3D optical illusions using nothing but plain oldskool chalk.

Bits & Pieces

Photoshop contest: Next great hair style for Julian Assange


Music visualization in fine style

Michal Levy is a synesthetically sensitive animator/visual artist/jazz musician from Israel. She visualizes music in a Kandinsky-like style. See those yellow trumpets shimmering :)


Xenharmonic FMTS VSTi ~ microtonal FM synthesis made easy

Programmer/composer Jacky Ligon has released a new VSTi synth.

"A gift to the xenharmonic and microtonal community, as well as to musicians and composers who are interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of microtuning in their music. It is being offered as freeware and can be downloaded here: Xenharmonic FMTS VSTi v1.0"