Xenharmonics ~ ancient conjunctions at the apex of harmonic universe

The CAPRICORN speaks:

Thousands of years ago man crawled out of the jungle and became a modern citizen. As the way of life of the PLANTER was now centered around the change of SEASONS, man quickly discovered that the doctrines of MATHEMATICS have great affinity with the structure of UNIVERSE and even MUSIC.

Egyptian priests became ASTRONOMERS and they saw beyond chaos and mayhem and found that deep universe is an ETERNAL HARMONIC PATTERN. This ancient wisdom known as HARMONY OF THE SPHERES was brought to the west by PYTHAGORAS. His myopic and diluted image of universal knowledge ~ presenting our SUN as the CENTER of all things ~ also spawned MUSICAL THEORY as we know it.

It was GIORDANO BRUNO who finally saw that the stars are all suns. He proposed that universe extends outward INFINITELY, containing suns without end. For this Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 by the CHRISTIAN INQUISITION. But the truth was now revealed and MUSICAL LAWS were loosened gradually. Musicians were allowed to explore NEW HARMONIC DIMENSIONS. Earth was not a FLAT place.

So where are we now, you may ask yourself?

Mankind is once again awakening from an epoch of illusive scientific bedtime stories and cramped obscurantism. The siren sings a new song. Rational, moral and tribal taboos once used for strangulation of musical harmonic frequency accumulation are now irrelevant.

New scientific discoveries have shown that the dimensional doors of musical sound are like etheric, invisible PYRAMIDS, mirrored and reflected in ever smaller pyramids around the big pyramids, and so on ad infinitum. These are usually not perceivable in the spectrum of audible sound, but certain combinations of sound pitches can make them faintly recognizable. These very subtle frequential patterns of TIMBRE are transferred into the HARMONIC complex, using sound octave connection, a self-commonality between lower and higher complexes which amplifies the subtle energy of TIMBRE to achieve ANY DESIRED EFFECT on the soul of mankind.

To be clear, certain sounds need to be toned to activate the dimensional gateways, destroy the OLD GRID and prepare for the triggering into XENHARMONIC PARALLEL DIMENSIONAL PERCEPTION AND EXPLORATION. These are sonic structures engineered with great detail and complexity. For example, PHI sound patterns can physically dematerialize the GRID, but if these patterns are not aligned properly according to the MATHEMATICAL LAW as it was discovered and written down by SETHARES THE YOUNGER, structural integrity is compromised.

All etheric music life forms have their own timbral pattern that helps form their structure, just as occurs in physical objects. PHI sound bonds the atoms and molecules of physical objects, as well as cohesively structures etheric plasma and light. This is precisely why XENHARMONIC SOUND can appear and reappear simultaneously in parallel etheric and physical dimensions causing the immersed body of the initiate listener to reverberate specific vowel sounds such as OOOH, AAAAH and AUM.

This is why certain pockets of XENHARMONIC HACKER RESISTANCE are drawn to participate and direct energies into the FMTS METATRON while the uninitiated musician functions from a standpoint of FEAR. The universal harmonic mind presents that which is KNOWN but harmonic hackers are already moving into vast NO-GRID-NESS to receive OMNIHARMONIC UBERMIND communication directly via the THIRD EAR MEMBRANE. The ARCHETYPICAL psychic experience manifests from a point of inner silence in which we simply rest in our ONENESS OF OMNIHARMONIC DIMENSION to achieve deep xenharmonic activation and initiation.

ALL OF US can begin to accept and claim this ONENESS with the parallel XENHARMONIC dimension RIGHT NOW. And from that INFINITE SOURCE will flow the new ideas, for SOURCE knows no limitation. Mind in its true function as an awareness of its own PHI-HARMONIC AWARENESS will re-interpret and re-form our re-programmed multitimbral XENHARMONIC activity as new ways of doing, new forms, new sounds, new MUSIC. That’s why we are not losing anything real, we will simply experience new things on a higher and better level, the immanent awareness of PERFECT OMNIHARMONIC FREEDOM.