Big Doepfer filter shootout - 8 Doepfer filters (and an Arp 4075) compared

A-108 6/12/24/48dB Low Pass Filter a pimped Moog-ladder design
A-105 24dB SSM Low Pass Filter based on the SSM2044 filter chip
A-101-1 Vactrol multitype input filter based on a design by Nyle Steiner (12dB / out 2)
A-102 Diode Low Pass a reproduction of 'a legendary low pass filter design' (24dB)
A-106-1 Xtreme Lowpass/Highpass Filter a pimped Korg MS20 filter
A-122 24dB Low Pass 2 based on the CEM 3320 chip made by Curtis Electromusic Specialties
A-124 Wasp filter based on the EDP Wasp filter made originally by Electronic Dream Plant (12dB multimode)
A-103 18dB Low Pass a reproduction of the Roland TB-303 filter
Arp 4075 filter (bandwidth mod) from an Arp Axxe as a non-Doepfer reference
Dry signal


Free download - 60 Classic and King Tubby style spring reverb impulse responses for convolution reverb

The sound quality of convolution processing relies heavily on the impulse responses used. But in the case of spring reverb a high quality recording is not enough. You need dirt as well. So if you want real dub flavour inna oldskool Jamaican style for your convolution ting you've come to the right place. Enjoy!


Wave patterns and sonic baubles

What does sound look like? It depends who you ask. Here are some answers from scientists like Ernst Chladni and Thomas Rossing and also some pretty pictures from vibe-ologists like Hans Jenny and Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Godfathers of rap

John Lee Hooker - dirty south style


Joseph Schillinger - First Airphonic Suite for RCA Theremin and Orchestra

In 1919 Leon Theremin invented an electronic instrument named after himself that you can play without any physical contact. Later he also invented the Rhythmicon, an instrument that sounds like Philip Glass on speed.


Akai VX600 EL-Foil replacement

The Akai VX600 is a very nice synthesizer. It's got 12 analog vco's, 6 independent multitimbral voices with individual outputs and its matrix has an input for voltage control. In other words: it's extremely flexible and useful in an analog setup. The fm is also very nice. It has some negative sides too: personally i'm not very impressed by the envelopes and the lfo's, there's a horrible bleep coming from the backlight and the filter can sound like a tin can occasionally.