And the winner is... Speakah Productions!!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner in the Irie Remix Contest. Peter Speakah's remix of 'Irie' will be featured on Leah's forthcoming album. Here it is...

Leah Rosier - Irie ( Speakah Prod RMX ) by Speakah productions

The second prize is a special Dubbhism release of the remixes that the jury liked best - including a Speakah Productions mix:

Monolow - Steppadub Version

Caballo & Neki Stranac - Irie Turbulence Rmx

Digikal Roots - Irie Dubwise

Bruno Tanmateos - Gipsy Music Remix (Bagbipe edit)

The third prize is a shirt sponsored by Ragga Wear. The winners are:

Fred Injham
Good Over Evil Prod.
Pyro One

Congratulations all winners!