Terror Danjah mix @ RA


B%mb%cl%t!! Another great mix this week at Resident Advisor. It's the undeniable Terror Danjah in fine style. See also this recent interview with a classic scene of the man and his computer, creating those big crispy riddims.


EP review: Sevish ~ Human Astronomy (Split Notes)

Some people listen to cd's or records, some people like to listen to mixes or radio shows. And some (like me) listen to big shuffled playlists on an iPod or WinAmp or something like that.


The Tao of FM Synthesis #6 ~ fixed envelopes, fixed frequencies and formants

It’s impossible to have a complete or systematic overview of all different types of FM sounds, but you can have certain categories, for example based on certain types of ratio values (see episode 4).


Nice Terror Danjah interview

Grime legend Terror Danjah has a new album titled Undeniable out on Hyperdub. Crispy sounds & superb production all the way, this man truly has golden ears and a truckload of musical skills too. Even if grime isn't your main thing you'll like this one, trussme.

Galang so ~ WILDLIFE! meets Major Mackerel

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! Check out WILDLIFE's version of Galang so, a classic Major Mackerel tune. Posted on Soundcloud already it's out on Discobelle records 22nd of November. Available now the cumbia flavored Douster remix (free dl). Sainted PR didn't quite get the concept of soundcloud sharing yet but still more remixes here.


Dick Flash vs Brian Eno

Pork Magazine's Dick Flash interviews Brian Eno about his new album titled Small craft on a milk sea. Hilarious..


Vampayaa ~ PupaJim delivers instant classic

Make no mistake this is not an ill timed Halloween kinda thing, PupaJim's Vampayaa is a bit more timeless than that. No offense Emch Subatomic but this one is not aimed squarely at your average blood-sucking party freak ;)

Bye bye Avatar ~ now let's move on to 3D holographic sound please!

Moving holograms are here, or should be here in about six years. When they arrive virtual porn will never be the same again..


Original Daddy Lynx kicks off new chapter in Dubbhism history

In 2011 there will be many more free (creative commons) netlabel releases on Dubbhism, but right now we've secured a distribution deal paving the way for new and unprecedented commercial expansion.