Jeff Koons or Kim Jong Il?

OK, so North Korean leader Kim Jong Il knows about Photoshop but does he know how much money Jeff Koons makes with this kind of stuff? Maybe he does.. who knows, if the General runs out of cash the nice white statue might show up at Christie's. Click to enlarge!!


From the nano lab ~ The Micronium

Nanomusic (not to be confused with microtonal music) just got bigger. Meet the Micronium, a nano-instrument with strings a millionth of an inch thick. It sounds kinda mesmerizing, half xylophone/half piano and it produces nice dub fx if you kick it :-)

More nanosound over here: The Quantum Hall Effects - impulse responses from nanospace for convolution reverb


The Tao of FM Synthesis #5 ~ Envelope recipes

This is already the fifth episode of The Tao of FM Synthesis and we haven’t heard a single bell sound yet.. unforgivable! Here it is...

In this bell patch the short envelope for oscillator D provides a ‘realistic’ attack while a subtle LFO adds a bit of movement to oscillator F. The change in color is caused by a constantly varying aftertouch, assigned (in the modulation matrix) to the level of oscillator E, which provides most of the bell-like color in the sustain-part of the sound.


Brother Barbés.D dubbing it live

Barbés.D from France dubbing it live at the Psychobydub festival. Especially the first tune called "Easy" feat. Sista Bethsabée is very good stuff.


Survival of the funkiest ~ dancefloor based mating rituals that work

right knee

Scientists are finally unravelling the secrets of succesful male body movements and courtship signals on the dancefloor. And guess what they found.. wiggling your RIGHT KNEE is especially important!


D.E.A.D. i~ficially approved by Herr Doepfer :-)

The album 'Sonic System' by D.E.A.D. (DUBBHISM-005) was created entirely using a big bad Doepfer modular monster synth and even the original mad synth scientist Dieter Doepfer himself just told us that he's is a fan. He likes the weirdness and he's slapped the album on his front page. Doepfer is pronounced DUB-fer but people from the UK & US always think it's DOPE-fer :)


How to do a King Tubbys Spring Slap on stage

The humble Thunder Tube is one of the simplest and cheapest instruments on the planet and it has a long spring just like a spring reverb. Use it to create King Tubby-style Spring Slaps and all kinds of weird dub fx. Mix it with seismic sine wave tremors for realistic thunderstorms and volcano eruptions. Will even chase away duppies.


The Tao of FM Synthesis #4 ~ Ockham's Razor

“Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” (William of Ockham)

“Nature operates in the shortest way possible.” (Aristotle)

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)


Album review: Knowsur ~ Nana Wodori (Split Notes)

The xenharmonic tree that was planted by Sean Archibald (a.k.a. Sevish) continues to bear wonderful new fruits as Japanese composer/beatmaker Knowsur drops his first album on Split Notes. Nana Wodori is catchy, bleepy, quirky, jazzy and sugar coated all at once.


Out now: Chrome Optimism remix album feat. David Lynch & Lee 'Scratch' Perry

How about this: Tony Dubshot meets David Lynch, Lee Scratch Perry, Jean Michel Jarre & Dubblestandart, all of them in one meditative ambient track. But wait, there's more!! The Chrome Optimism remix album is loaded with quality dub and dubstep remixes by crucial US producers like Kush Arora, April White and Dub Gabriel.


Runcome Sound Dubsession @ LVC (Leiden, NL)

Runcome Sound is back! Featuring MC Papa Aya, the Soweto Lion, original roots & culture DJ and reggae ambassador, blessed with a voice as sweet as Gregory, but switching to ruffneck just as easily :) Aya will be joined by mad scientist and dub producer Tony Dubshot (a.k.a. Anton Banton) on selector duties and random noise making.