DJ Magic Mike explains Bass & Booty

Talking about music can be confusing. At around 45 minutes in this video the journalists ask Magic Mike to explain the difference between Bass and Booty. He tells them that Bass tunes are about bass and Booty tunes are about booty (and have a lot of bass).


Essential Scuba mix

After the tasteful bass-tech-dubscape-isms of Sub:stance here's yet another quality mix by Scuba. Just skip the 'knacksen' intro because this is all about a soulful blend of garage and Berlin tech/dub. Reminds me a bit of the classic Naked sound (US label that peaked around the turn of the century releasing albums like Bare Essentials). But in Scuba's mix the rhythms are more inventive, slightly more techno and the production standard is higher.


Know bout ackee pella

The resurrected FIRST magazine blog keeps going from strength to strength. Check out Gad Reds (there's more than one GAD u know...)

Some advice for the technicians: get cheaper microphones an jus balance de sound ;-)


Marcus Hillman - Cool Operator (dubshot's superconductive redub)

marcus hillman - cool operator (dubshot's superconductive redub) by ISM Studio

Marcus Hillman's version of Cool Operator in dub. The original tune is of course by the great Delroy Wilson. This track will appear on the forthcoming Dubbhism compilation 'Vintage Dubs Vol.2' (release some time in the fall of 2010)